Quote of the Day – John Robb (8/8/2012)

While there are still some details to sort out, it’s pretty clear that making weapons at home using 3-D printers from commonly available materials is going to become much more commonplace in the near future. In fact, as 3-D printing technology matures, materials feedstock improves, and designs for weapons proliferate, we might soon see the day when nearly everyone will be able to print the weapons of their choice in the numbers they desire, all within the privacy of their own homes.

John Robb – A Working Assault Rifle Made With a 3-D Printer

Popular Science (7/26/2012)

[When even Popular Science is admitting the obvious we all see, it makes me ponder how much longer our opponents will remain in denial.  Every once in a while we see glimmers of anger.

I will say this right now though.  There will be no bargaining.  We will not negotiate with those who would deprive us our rights.  Their attitude towards us has been scorched earth, if only by piece meal.  It has been us who have compromised historically, no more.  It is time to sweep these people into the dust bin of history with the likes of other bigots throughout history. -B]

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2 Responses to Quote of the Day – John Robb (8/8/2012)

  1. Lyle says:

    When someone can “print” a barrel and a bolt, I’ll start thinking about this “nearly everyone will be able to print the weapons of their choice in the numbers they desire” issue. Until then it’s fantasy. I’m not holding my breath. What we have now is the merely budding posibility of large numbers of un-traceable receivers for an extremely limited number of firearm designs (AR-15 being one). But anyone with a milling machine can already make the real, metal thing, in any design.
    So we’re splitting hairs. There has never been a time, since the invention of the firearm, when someone at home, of average or slightly above average means, couldn’t build their own, reasonably “modern” firearm. Powder and primers are another matter, but black powder, at least, is made by a fairly significant number of people, and it certainly isn’t complicated.

    • Except it isn’t just tied to printing. Say I had a CNC mill and lathe. I can now turn my own barrels and bolts. Printing is just the ultimate in simple for “low stress” parts. That’s the difference now, you can make modern firearms without knowing all the details of machining but instead have tools that can do the majority of the work for you. The machine operator just must know how to properly set the origin

      The AR-15 is currently popular because it is so easily modular that you can take a pre-built upper and place it on top. It also helps because with the AR design the receiver doesn’t suffer too much from the load. Read the simplest to design, build and test without taking shrapnel to the face.