SSCC #387 – Lincoln

Krawetz was in the middle of a hearing in to determine whether he should be fired.

Interesting, maybe he isn’t one that should be destined for the count.  There was obviously a reason for his resignation.

Kraewitz was found guilty in January of felony assault on a handcuffed woman outside the Twin River slot parlor.

It took a hearing and he was possibly going to retain his job after being convicted of felony assault?  Well at least he was convicted though I do find the following interesting:

Krawetz has been suspended without pay but still receives health benefits and “other benefits” according to Ragosta.

Not to mention:

He was convicted of felony battery by Judge Edward Clifton who decided against jail time. Krawetz was ordered to undergo counseling and given a 10-year suspended sentence.

The anointed are special compared to you and I and it’s best to be remembered.  I didn’t see anything about his law enforcement certificate being revoked so it is possible he can seek employment at a different department.

What boggles my mind is that he received no punishment and that he wasn’t fired immediately upon his conviction.  Instead they continued to pay him while he actually didn’t perform any duty to earn his pay check.

In this case, there may be a conviction but the system still stinks to high heaven.

State Sponsored Criminal #387: Edward Krawetz

Because when someone is handcuffed and sitting on the curb it is acceptable to kick them in the head.  Never mind that honestly that can be considered lethal force as it was to the head and not the body or limbs.

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