Why I Get Angry…

Recently I had an individual engage me in debate on twitter and he couldn’t understand why I felt like I was being victimized for him saying firearms should be taken from law-abiding citizens.

Today I stumbled across something that put it oh so well. (Emphasis mine).

There is a perception that a gun will turn a sane man, or woman, into a crazed, trigger-happy criminal, or that a gun is a gross over-reaction to the threat of rape. I contend that the gun is a great equalizer. Why do only criminals, police and nut-cases get to have guns? Do we, the potential victims, not get access to these same implements, so that we might properly defend ourselves? In fact, might we have these tools so we no longer have to be victims? Maybe we can take some action in preserving our own safety instead of just staying in well-lit areas and hoping for the best.

The other side of this debate doesn’t seem to understand that they are forcing potential victims to have to be complicit in their own attack.  The arguments are “for the greater good”, often because they think that crime merely exists because of the firearm.  First it assumes that the limitation on access will have an effect on criminal access to arms.  That’s impossible and history in both England and Australia both have proven that. Also it ignores the truth about collective punishment and responsibility.

Further, how do you effectively ban something that can be made from simple materials available at Home Depot and soon will not need much more than the ability to hit print?  What effect does gun control accomplish other than provide methods to prevent the law-abiding from carrying defensive arms?

Honestly, those who support gun control, answer the question, criminals and crazy people can obtain a weapon if they so feel like it, what good do gun laws do?  If someone is intent on killing someone else, they have numerous weapons to substitute even if they cannot get a firearm.  I also love how some people call for “reasonable restrictions on firearms” and then compare it to cars as if they are some how more regulated.

So, let me get this straight:

I could continue but why bother?  The fact is there is law after law that does nothing to stop criminals, but does everything possible to prevent law-abiding citizens from obtaining effective arms for their own defense.  The idea that cars are some how more regulated than firearms is false.  While they are “registered” that is done as a tax measure as the vehicle is considered titled property.  Further obtaining a license is simple and easy and it is recognized in all 50 states.  I am required by law to muffle my vehicle, however the law prevents me from muffling my firearms.  My license is recognized in all 50 states without question while my CPL is not.  My vehicle is required to meet a minimum standard of safety requirements, read headlights, tail lights, blinkers, seat belts, but the remainder of the car can be left up to my imagination.  Further if I buy an old car frame, some of the safety requirements are lifted.

The fact is, guns are extremely heavily regulated and it is the law-abiding who is on the short end of the stick.  It is the law-abiding who’s access is restricted.  Think I’m pulling your leg?  Let’s as some members of a gang in Chicago (h/t Sebastian).

Another source of stolen guns is “the freights,” Chris said.

He was talking about the freight trains parked on easy-to-access rail yards on the South Side.

“You bust the lock,” he said. “Once you get in there, you may get the wrong thing. You may get shoes or something. You feel me? But you keep trying. We tried it before and we know what kind of containers they in. They’re carrying all type of handguns — in crates.”

Consider that, with my comments from above.  Then consider how hard it is for a law-abiding citizen to get a firearm within the City of Chicago, even post Heller and McDonald.

You can not look at these facts and then tell me with a straight face that gun control has anything to do with “public safety”.  The public is in no way safer disarmed while the criminals are still able to obtain weapons.  You cannot stop them.

So yes, when you go off spouting your mouth about how gun control would help the world, yes I take it personally and yes I will call you on it.  Because the day may come where my wife, my daughter, my son, any of my friends, and lastly even myself may have to call upon my firearm to defend ourselves or our families.  And no one has any business telling me, my family, or my friends what tools we should or shouldn’t be using to defend ourselves.  Firearms and this community do something no other tool or group can.

Most importantly, the act of shooting and owning a gun has a profound impact on the way most women see themselves and the world around them. Shooting a gun is empowering, energizing, stress-relieving and confidence-building. In my experience, women who shoot walk taller and apologize less. They are also sensitive, caring and protective of their loved ones. Women who carry guns have already decided that their lives and their bodies are valuable enough to protect.

To which Mom With A Gun adds the following:

To this I would add only that the above is doubly true if you’ve already been a victim of rape or other violence and you’re trying to reclaim your sense of empowerment, energy, confidence and competence. For twenty years after I was raped, I became meek, submissive, withdrawn, terrified. The worst thing my rapist took from me on that terrible July afternoon was my sense that I was worth defending, that I was worth fighting for. That I was worth the space I took up in the world. That I was anything other than prey.

To which we then look at the comments made by A Girl about this community and the start contrast to our opponents.

You, you who hate guns, you gave me nothing.

No hope.

No tools.

All that was offered me was a life of fear, of resentment, of bitterness, of dependance…

The gun community has offered me hope and strength, and courage.

They have taught me to have belief in myself.

They have asked nothing of me in return and, yet, I would give them my life.

Funny thing is, they would never ask me to.

This is where I belong.

These are my people.

So yes I take it personal, yes I get angry, and yes the mere suggestion is an insult and a disgrace to humanity.  Only a cold-blooded animal would wish real victims to continue suffering after an attack.  We see how each side of this debate treats victims of violence.  One wants to rebuild them, make them stronger, and faster, because we have the technology.  The other side would rather bury their heads in the sand and use the force of government to make everyone else do it too.

*For those who don’t know, a collapsible stock, barrel shroud, and pistol grip are actually safety features.

  • A barrel shroud protects the user from burns from the hot metal of the barrel.
  • The collapsible stock allows the weapon to be easily modified to properly fit the shooter, especially handy when you regularly deal with new shooters of different sizes.  The wrong size can result in injury to the face and shoulders.
  • The pistol grip allows disabled shooters to more easily and effectively hold and use a weapon and depending on the disability prevents injury.
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About TMM

TMM is the owner, editor, and principal author at The Minuteman, a competitive shooter, and staff member for Boomershoot. Even in his free time he’s merging his love and knowledge of computers and technology with his love of firearms. Many know his private name and information however due to the current political climate, many are distancing themselves due to the abandonment of Due Process.

10 Responses to Why I Get Angry…

  1. Thank you so much for sharing what I wrote in my post, and what I quoted from AGirl’s posts, with your readers! You’re not the only one who gets angry with the messages coming from the anti-gun crowd.

    There’s zero evidence that passing laws to restrict guns does anything but increase crime, and yet the anti-gun crowd would rather have me be victimized again than be armed with the tools and training I need to defend myself? Is my life not worth fighting for? Is my daughter’s life not worth fighting for? Would it have been somehow morally better if the guys who followed us home from the mechanic’s shop last year had raped and murdered us both, rather than backing away when I made it clear that we weren’t going to be easy victims? Sheer lunacy to argue so, and yet, that’s what so many of the anti-gun crowd seems to say.

    I followed the pingback on my post here, and I’ve added your blog to my feed. So, I’ll definitely be back!

    • Barron says:

      I’m busy in training today at work but I’ll add you to my blogroll tonight. You’ve been in my reader for a while. For some reason I always forget about it the roll.

      The attitudes of our opponents disturbs me. Their assumptions center around things that honestly make no sense in the real world. It is honestly forcing their morality on others. None of us are forcing the to be either armed or disarmed, yet the would force us to disarm and be victims. No thanks, I prefer to keep my head out of the sand. At least that way I know and can fend off the attacker.

  2. It makes me nuts that the anti gun argument is that all people are just murderers without a means to unleash their wrath. I have never had any desire to kill or harm anyone and a hunk of metal or plastic isn’t all of a sudden gonna make me decide death is a fair consequence to say cutting me off on the freeway. Do they have any idea what it is like to be harmed or shot? I don’t take that lightly. My conscience isn’t regulated from the outside tools I strap to my hip, it’s foundation lies within and it isn’t easily changed. It didn’t change when I was mugged or when my daughter looked me in the eyes and wondered aloud if I would protect her and it didn’t change when I get angry at the bad guy and myself. My conscience didn’t change nor did my behavior or much about my life. All that really changed was my responsibility to it.

    • Barron says:

      These people have no clue. Every once in a while on twitter you can see when I come across one of these idiots. The funny point of today’s idiot is here.

      I must say I’m reasonably sure he’s going into pants !@#$ing hysterics at this point.

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  4. Amy says:

    For a couple of years when seeing comments about restricting guns in my state I have pointed out that 20-25% of the carry permits across the state belong to women. That is somewhere in the range of 70,000 who felt the need to spend their time and money on training and practice (also having a clear back ground check).

    Does anyone know all of the possible reasons that compelled these many women to do this? Have they experienced stalking, maybe a friend became a statistic, do they live in a remote area, has a known criminal moved in near them?

    But there is one major question: JUST WHY DO YOU WANT TO DISARM ALL THESE WOMEN?

    No one ever seems to have an answer for that one question!

    Can you be anti-gun without being anti-woman? Is it inaccurate to view men as having a physical advantage? Can we live in a free country with equal protection but somehow society has a solution to protect women better than they can do on their own?

    • Barron says:

      Honestly in order to support gun control invokes the fact that you have to be at least one of the following: bigoted, sexist, racist.

      Ultimately you don’t want some segment to have firearms and your crux for validation is that it will “lessen the crime rate”. One small problem with that, guns don’t cause crime. It has been proven over and over that guns do not correlate to crime.

      This doesn’t fit their narrative and promptly dismiss it as “propaganda”. Even if said information is from a liberal power house such as Harvard that would engineer the narrative if given the chance.

  5. Old NFO says:

    ONe more point… The antis live in a world where it will NEVER happen to them… They have ‘protection’…

    • Barron says:

      Yup. Not only will it never happen to them, they insist it won’t happen to you. You see through the wonders of PFM getting rid of guns gets rid of all crime.

  6. Mike Suttles says:

    I come from the Deep South, where firearms are a way of life (took my first shot at age 4). My wife is from Queens, where guns are for gangsters. When I first learned from her that as a younger woman she had been raped, I took her directly to the local gun shop to get her fitted with protection and basic firearms courses. I trained her in my own and other methods of self defense, and now have only deep sympathy for anyone molesting or otherwise threatening this strong woman. For the record, I have two daughters and three granddaughters, so I tend to be overly protective of females. But every one of them know how to shoot.

    Thank you for the article. I will share.