Quote of the Day–Random Little Girl (9/26/2012)

Grandma, why is that guy wearing a skirt?

Grand daughter of the dearly departed…

September 26th, 2012

[Yeah, today wasn’t the happiest day for our family.  Late last week we found out a member of TMW’s family, who was quite close, passed away unexpectedly.  TMW’s parents stayed with them while we were in the hospital after the car wreck.

Initially we didn’t think we’d be able to make the funeral thinking it would be back in Minnesota, except nope it was close by in Spokane.  Sunday my wife found out the funeral was today so I took the day off work and my in-laws drove out from the west side.

Shortly after the wife found out she asked me, what are you going to wear to the funeral?  My response without thinking was, a kilt of course, what else!  The wife didn’t argue but many constantly tried to get me to justify this through some logical means mainly because they couldn’t come up with a justification of why I shouldn’t.  The naysayers even included my own mother.

You know what, every last one of them was wrong.  You want to know how wrong they were, every time the widow saw me she smiled.  The granddaughter asking that question made her laugh.  When I walked up to give my regards she rapidly became more up beat and said, “I love the kilt!”


My only regret is I wish I had known she would have liked to have a piper.  It’s often difficult to find one mainly because it’s not something you can just look up in the yellow pages.  It’s something where you need to know people, well I happen to know exactly the right people as my mom is involved with the Seattle Scottish Highland Games every year and could have certainly given me names and numbers.  Alas it’s too late now, and at least for me it was a good thing because whenever I hear this since 2003 I have to just go off by myself.  Doubly so if I hear it in person.

Goodbye Mike, you will be missed, and thank you for all you did.



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