SSCC Update – Lincoln County WY

Via Uncle I came across another article that paints an even worse picture.

A Wyoming sheriff’s deputy who detained a combat veteran in handcuffs for openly carrying a pistol offered to let him go if he agreed to let another deputy draw his weapon and shoot if the veteran made any sudden moves while driving away, court records show.

Your guess of what would be considered a “sudden move” is as good as mine.  Thankfully the victim in this case was smart enough to refuse, less they decided to ventilate him for fun using a ready-made excuse.

“I didn’t know whether kicking my leg over the bike, or walking away, or what they could possibly constitute as a hostile act,” Pierson said in a telephone interview Monday. “I didn’t like the terms. And I was a little unnerved by the fact that they were threatening lethal force with a deadly weapon against a man who was compliant, in handcuffs, who had been screened.”

Yet the department has supported the actions of these officers.  The clue about the cause of the problem though was this statement:

“We’re told every day, our safety is first,” he said. “We’re here to come home every night.”

Guess officers no longer in the business of protecting and serving now are they?  You would rather threaten lethal force against a law-abiding citizen and commit assault with a deadly weapon than do your job.  Yes there are risks for law enforcement, but that is the price of freedom and liberty and if you don’t like it, no one is forcing you to be a police officer.

The victim in this case understands the same:

Pierson said he is seeking damages, an apology and a statement by the jurisdictions involved that the open carry of handguns is lawful — and that the purpose of government is not officer safety but the protection of peoples’ lives, liberty and property.

There is nothing scarier than a guy with a badge and gun and thus has “qualified immunity” and having him so willing to deprive people of their liberty as well as use lethal force.  If you live in that county, contact the sheriff and voice your displeasure.

State Sponsored Criminal #415: Corry Bassett

State Sponsored Criminal #416: Rob Andazola

Because protecting and serving means you plug the law-abiding citizen who serves his country more fervently than yourself in the back because you feel like it, you just need to get his permission first.

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