Quote of the Day – Bitter(10/7/2012)

Why is PBS lobbying so hard for taxpayer funds? I know they raise money effectively. I gave during a fundraiser to get @alfieboe tickets.

October 5, 2012

[The answer to this is actually really simple.  PBS while they could fund themselves through private means still wants “free” money from the government.  It makes things that much more cushy.

Government throwing funds at the economy to “stimulate” it, actually has the opposite effect and I will explain what I watched first hand.

Back when they did they started talking about the massive bailout almost immediately utilities put a halt to current projects.  Utilities plan projects years in advance and have the funds to do them.  They froze the projects because they could smell money on the table and ultimately they could use it to improve their bottom line.  When the stimulus was finally passed they then needed to file for the grants.  The way this worked most simply was a dollar for dollar matching scheme to help with equipment retrofits.

So all of that moved at a snails pace through the cogs of government bureaucratic paper. Meanwhile here in reality, planned projects have now been on hold for over 6 months, all because they could smell money on the table.  When funding finally did start rolling in, almost a year after it started to slow down, projects rates looked just like it did prior to the funding push.  What happened was a projects that it merely subsiding what was already planned.  This didn’t have the effect of creating jobs since it’s still the same crews doing the work.  The most entertaining thing though is overall the decrease in output will never be really made up.  Everything the utilities are doing was already planned, this didn’t magically create extra work.  All it did in the end was delay the inevitable.

How’s that for the government “stimulating” the economy?  Still think only the government is capable of solving problems?

This is why PBS is going off the deep end.  They see free money and they want some of it.  -B]

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5 Responses to Quote of the Day – Bitter(10/7/2012)

  1. Bitter says:

    Don’t worry, I wasn’t really baffled why PBS wanted the handouts. 🙂

    I was just trying to point out that PBS really does excel at fundraising. I donated to a NYC station in order to get tickets to see my favorite British opera singer who is doing a tour of the US. The best seats went to PBS to fundraise, and I got two tickets for $150 total. I checked when Ticketmaster finally put some on sale to the general public, and worse seats in the same section were going for $150 each. I could have bought back of the balcony tickets for the same price I paid for each one, but then I would have paid more in total due to all of Ticketmaster’s fees. In other words, I got a hell of a deal! PBS got a pretty decent donation from me, and I have no problem with rewarding them for their smart fundraising since they offered something that I really wanted.

    That said, I’m also going to try and talk Sebastian into letting me support the free market by purchasing tickets to the singer’s just recently announced Feb. show in DC. 🙂 PBS & free markets don’t have to be enemies. They can both win. And I can see more of Alfie Boe whose voices makes me swoon.

    • Barron says:

      Oh I know you know, and they know they could survive without the handouts too. They just like having free handouts. Because as NFO said below, it’s more money in the pockets of management.

  2. Old NFO says:

    They want the handouts to put MORE money in the management’s pockets…

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