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My girls weren’t as into Sesame Street as I was as a kid, but they did enjoy it and I would gladly fork over a few bucks to keep them on the air if it was required. However, I’ll do it voluntarily. Put the tax man’s gun to my head and demand it and suddenly I’ve got no desire for the show to go on.

Robb AllenLet them eat seed
October 8, 2012

[Honestly, go read the whole thing.  It’s amazing the number of people who don’t seem to understand that small numbers do accumulate to a big one.

Sesame Street gets a large amount of support from the public without forcible conscription from the government.  So pardon me if I don’t start crying at the idea of trying to lessen our burden of debt.

Folks, you need to realize something and the sooner the better. We’re broke.  We’re spending more than we’re bringing in and the debt isn’t just our’s, it’s our children’s.  Tell me, how would you like it if instead of getting an inheritance or rather nothing at all, your parents left you 15 years of mortgage payments for a house that was underwater?  Borrowing against your kids future isn’t fair, it isn’t ethical, it’s merely robbing your kids.  You’re signing checks in your kids name, not your own.

I’m became down right angry about when I became old enough to understand the national debt and discovered my share of it.  I hadn’t even started a job yet and there was debt in my name that I honestly never wanted to be a part of.

And for what?  So women like this can have a phone?  So that we can fund shows that could survive on their own through public funding?  So that I can pay for someone to survive that is too lazy to work?  So that ultimately I suffer an extra burden of supporting others and their personal morals so they can feel better about themselves?

Ever last little pet project needs to start being deleted.  You don’t need to just go and attack things that are a large single chunk, you need to cut all the small stuff that adds up.  A million here and a million there, eventually you’re talking very serious money.  It adds up to the tune now of over 16 trillion dollars, which makes the debt for every man woman and child $51,370.

Now the thing is, not everyone pays taxes.  If you’re a taxpayer, your debt burden is $141,142 dollars.  That’s right, our government has spent so much that you could buy a house for what you now owe from them writing checks in your name.

News flash for everyone, yes it’s going to hurt, yes it’s going to suck.  There maybe some things that don’t survive.  But the fact is, total economic collapse is going to be even more painful.  Eventually your bill has to come due, the question is, why is it so many keep on insisting on making it bigger.  Don’t answer that, I already know. -B]

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2 Responses to Quote of the Day – Robb Allen(10/8/2012)

  1. Lyle says:

    “…how would you like it if…your parents left you 15 years of mortgage payments for a house that was underwater?”
    Actually, that would be better– at least they’d own a house afterward. After paying the national debt they’ll have nothing but the lingering bureaucratic interference in their lives.

    • Barron says:

      True, assuming it’s in decent condition. They leave you something that should receive a treatment of dynamite, all you’d have left is the land, which while would be something, you would have grossly overpaid for it.

      In the end either way you’re spending money on something you didn’t want that someone else did. While you may end up being lucky and getting something in the end, you’ll still be over paying for the goods you received.