But I thought It Had Popular Support!?

Conversely, not even André Carson, holder of an hereditary sinecure in the Bluest district in Indiana south of the Chicago ‘burbs is coming out and saying "and I voted for Obamacare!" in commercials otherwise gloatingly touting his Bolshevist voting record in Congress since he took the seat over from the embalmed corpse of his grandma.

Tam“Instead of the cross,the Albatross / About my neck was hung”

[I find it interesting that Obamacare and many of the negative effects that are screaming up on us quite fast are being ignored and suppressed.  Last night I noticed something very interesting since I hadn’t bothered to connect the dots between this and this.  To save you some reading one links to the fact that taxes will be increasing for 51% of the population come January.  The other links to the fact that people working 40 hour weeks without healthcare will probably all the sudden be working 29 hour weeks.

Think about that, tax burden is increasing, by government regulation, and hours are going to end up being cut because of government regulation.  It’s the low income worker who is really getting the short straw here and it’s not businesses doing the screwing, it’s the government.  Their main lever to do it, Obamacare.  The sad thing is I don’t ever see them actually killing it. –B ]

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3 Responses to But I thought It Had Popular Support!?

  1. Bob S. says:

    That background on your main page is killing me 🙂

    I can barely read the posts.

  2. Old NFO says:

    That IS interesting that they are all distancing themselves from it… One can only wonder what will happen in Jan…