SSCC #435 – NYPD: Update

The Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office announced yesterday that it has dropped charges of assaulting a police officer — and other less-serious offenses — against a Crown Heights man who earlier this month got the crap kicked out of him by a police officer for no apparent reason.

The D.A.’s Office tells the Voice that it’s yet to make a decision about whether to charge the officer.

Thankfully they dropped the charges against the victim.  It is worth noting that most likely it was video of the incident which saved this man’s bacon.  Which is ironic considering the efforts officers will go through to prevent people from recording their interactions with the public.

Now hopefully the DA will step up and do the right thing and charge this corrupt bully with a badge.

State Sponsored Criminal #435: John Doe

Because cops are better than everyone else, didn’t you get that memo!?

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One Response to SSCC #435 – NYPD: Update

  1. Tammy says:

    “Because cops are better than everyone else, didn’t you get that memo!?”

    Certainly the politicians here in CA seem to feel that way – which is why they exempt cops from all the ridiculous anti-gun laws here (“bullet button” non-removable AR magazine law, “safe handgun roster” law, high capacity magazine ban, .50 BMG rifle ban, etc., etc. ad nauseum). I think the Police Chiefs Association would be a lot less willing to support gun restrictions if the officers on the street had to live by the same laws as the rest of us…but they don’t, and I don’t see any likelihood of that changing unless a court forces it to.