SSCC #439 – Maricopa

This isn’t the first time that Maricopa County has ended up in the count.  This time though it’s just as disturbing as the first incident.

The ABC15 Investigators have obtained court records, documents and a judge’s ruling that show the jury was set to hear how key evidence in the case of Deborah Braillard was lost, deleted or “destroyed” by MCSO in an attempt to cover up the death of a Valley mother.

Jennifer Braillard filed the lawsuit after her mother Deborah was left to die in a Maricopa County jail.

Oh it is exactly as bad as it seems, rage barely begins to describe my feelings when I saw this:

During three agonizing days in custody at the Estrella Jail, she was deprived of insulin and denied medical care despite pleas from fellow detainees.

By the time she was rushed to the hospital, Deborah Braillard had slipped into a diabetic coma.

As expected the jailers claimed they were never informed and all evidence that would prove they were was lost or destroyed.  Amazing how that happens isn’t it?

State Sponsored Criminal #439: John Doe

Because instead of just killing someone you can let them slowly die and suffer from their medical condition.  Then if anyone asks you can just claim you didn’t know and destroy the evidence you did.

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