This One’s for Sean…

So, I kind of batted at Joan in my Priceless video but it wasn’t really a good solid hit.  It was more of just a fun video.  Joe took a good solid swing here which I felt was on the right track but the more I thought about it, more needed to be done.  I had piles of video of pumpkins blowing up between 2010 and 2012.

Sean posted a comment when Joe did his first post on Joan’s PSH stating we should have a self contained video that explained her break down and put everything in one easy to see spot.  Well I did just that.  Now while overall this really didn’t need to be made, it was more practice and work with the Adobe tools.  The learning curve is steep but doing projects, no matter how pointless is how you get over them.

So this one’s for Joan!

Besides, it’s quite fitting since it’s Halloween with the pumpkins and all.

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4 Responses to This One’s for Sean…

  1. Not only is it fun for “gun-guys” It is fun for the gun gals too. Although I haven’t actually done this, it’s on list!

    Fun video!

  2. Joe Huffman says:

    @agirlandhergun, There were women at all the pumpkin exploding events I have been to in the last several years. And if you would like to participate then come on out in late October or early November and we’ll give you your chance to get splattered with pumpkins pieces.

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