Why Did I choose Engineering?

Because of things like this:

There’s a serious personal reward to projects like that.  I do love how there’s even a trigger mode.

My wife just sat staring in astonishment.  Her dad has a prosthetic from an industrial accident.  While he doesn’t have smart limb, he does have a quite high tech limb that flexes and moves naturally.  Most people don’t even realize he has one unless he’s wearing shorts. 

10 years ago, this type of stuff was still fantasy for the most part.  The amount of processing and input gathering required limited the ability to create something usable.  Moore’s law is a freaking awesome thing.

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2 Responses to Why Did I choose Engineering?

  1. Jake says:

    Nice! Still muscle controlled, though.

    The next real advance will be when we figure out how to read the nerve impulses directly, so that the prosthetic will be controlled by the same impulses as the original hand. After that will be the ability to create feedback to simulate the sensation of touch. I expect both of those will require some sort of implant, either at the end of the remaining nerves, or in the motor control area of the brain.

  2. Old NFO says:

    That it is 🙂 And Moore’s Law is a trusim!