SSCC #460–Chicago

After she had been viciously beaten by a patron she knew as "Tony," bartender Karolina Obrycka made it clear to the Chicago police officers responding to her 911 call that she believed her attacker was the "police." She then wrote down his last name — or how she thought it was spelled — on a scrap of paper and pointed out that security cameras at the Northwest Side bar had likely captured the attack.

Yet none of that wound up in the officers’ report. On Tuesday, Obrycka’s lawyer grilled Officer Peter Masheimer about the missing details as he testified at a trial stemming from a lawsuit she brought against the city of Chicago and Anthony Abbate, the off-duty cop convicted of attacking her.

The video of the attack can be seen here.

Fellow officers attempted to conceal and hide evidence and testimony against him.  None of them have been fired except the man responsible for the incident.  He however escaped jail time.  Not only that but it’s taken a Federal case to get anything done.  Guess we see why Chicago only wants it’s officers armed.

State Sponsored Criminal #460: Anthony Abbate

Protected by Peter Masheimer

Because when your cop buddy gets drunk and assaults someone, your job as a fellow officer is to protect and serve them.

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2 Responses to SSCC #460–Chicago

  1. Lyle says:

    The attacker should have gotten his ass kicked right there on the spot but alas, no one stepped in to protect the innocent. This is how evil wins. We are cowards.

    • What I find most ironic about that, I’m reasonably sure if anyone had stepped up, their buddies would have beat the hell out of the person and the prosecutor would file charges for assaulting a police officer.

      The legal system is so abused at this point many won’t step up to help just because of the fact that in so doing they open themselves to total destruction. It does nothing more than reinforce inaction because “It’s not my problem.”

      Except in the end you’re right, it’s how evil wins. As I said above, even if you step up evil will ultimately win anyway, they’re holding the cards.