You want to see why the power is still out in parts of NY?

Just look at this picture.

Image via WFTV

What did that man do to get assaulted?

Applewhite said he had just finished working a 13-hour day and was going to get dinner with the rest of his crew when he stepped out of his utility truck and was attacked by a resident.

Honestly if I was with any utility crew that was in the area to help restore power I’d pack up and leave.  They were up all the way from Florida to help.  Even if I lived in the area and worked locally, I’d pack up and move.  When you attack the people trying to help you, you don’t deserve help.  You deserve to suffer and be stuck solving the problem on your own.

He left his family to go help and work long hours in the process.  His reward for that was a broken jaw and multiple fractures.

Can someone please explain to me how this was some how supposed to aid in the restoration of power?  Does a black eye and broken jaw help a lineman do his job safely?  Does it some how give him magical powers to see what needs to be done to the line to bring it back into service?

What I do absolutely love though is that idiot Mayor absolutely doesn’t care because it didn’t involve the use of a firearm.  Heaven forbid he actually bring in the National Guard to help maintain order and provide a safe working environment for utility crews.  Nope, only his anointed class can carry firearms in the city.  In the mean time utility workers are being assaulted for trying to get the lights back on.

Personally, I say leave them in the dark and let them rot if that’s how they’re going to behave.  Things aren’t magically fixed overnight no matter how bad you want them to be.  Evidently massive damage can be magically undone with a snap of the fingers.  Up to and including transformer replacement, line replacement, pole replacement, substation replacement, protective relay replacement, and line communication replacement.  Will the individual who discovered this ability to fix things at the snap of their fingers please start a company to provide services, they could certainly be used in a time like this.

As for dealing with this problem, at minimum leave the lights off till that man’s buddies turn him in.  You know he went and bragged to someone about beating up a utility crew to “show them they mean business.”  Well just leave the lights off until the car and owner is found.

Seriously, incidents like this piss me right the hell off and I am being quite honest about letting them fix this crap themselves if that’s how they’re going to behave.  You think a couple of weeks are bad, try a couple of years when no one helps next time.

SSCC #452-#456: Socorro

Alvarez, Orta, Varela and Delgado are accused of official oppression, but no further details were released. In addition, Varela and Delgado face charges of aggravated perjury and tampering with governmental records.

Now yes they got busted and they seem to be tight lipped as to the problems.  But there are two serious notes, one this bust accounted for 15% of the department.  The second:

Alvarez, who has been in and out of the police department in the past couple of years, was rehired by the city in July 2011 as lieutenant. He took over as the leader of the police department after the Police Chief Jaime Avalos went on medical leave in September 2010. Avalos continues to be absent from the department, and Garcia would not say whether he has been fired or is still employed.

Alvarez was involved in a previous internal investigation in 2008, when he was accused of dereliction of duty and prisoner abuse. He was investigated for allegedly using unnecessary force against Ricardo Landeros during an arrest. A grand jury declined to prosecute.

Imagine that, there was a history with these officers and the department had a reason to be concerned about their behavior.  Have no fear though because the department is arguing these men are the exception rather than the rule.  Given the history involved here, that claim is highly suspect.

State Sponsored Criminal #452: Jose Alvarez

#453: Refugio Orta

#454: Raul Huerta

#455: Javier Varela

#456: Israel Delgado

Because the people shouldn’t pay attention to the history surrounding officers, remember the whole department is infallible. 

Nothing Good Happens After Midnight

So Garand Gal relayed a story that I highly suggest you go and read.  Seriously, go read it, I’ll still be here when you’re done.

Did you read it? Good.  Now there are some serious take aways from this incident.  First it is another data point in my philosophy of “Nothing Good Happens After Midnight.”  Second, absorb and retain her first four bullet points.  Most especially paying attention to what the dog is telling you.

That dog knew there was a problem and was quite aware of it, long before the owner did.  This isn’t as much to say the owner wasn’t paying attention, but animals have a serious knack for picking up on ques that you or I might miss.  If you have a pet and they start acting funny, listen and pay attention, odds are they’re telling you something.    It doesn’t even necessarily have to be with regard to self-defense.  Our cats let us know one of our toilet tanks was leaking and also informed us of our mouse problem.  If we hadn’t paid attention we’d have bigger problems than we currently do.

As for what she did, that was about the best possible outcome.  In that case how can you tell who the good guy and who the bad guy is?  I will say that anyone who gets out of the safety of their car and then starts shooting at another one probably needs an immediate shot of lead to their center of mass.  Especially if the vehicle they’re shooting at isn’t trying to run them over.  Remember, if you’re in a road rage incident, stay in your vehicle, which honestly this could have easily been mistaken for a case of road rage.  If someone starts shooting at you while you’re in a vehicle… you’re in a 3,000 lbs weapon, use it!  A note about the guy following in the Jeep, I applaud your initiative, but next time, call 911 first and be ready because criminals don’t like people interrupting them most certainly those who try to stop them.

I’m not sure what Garand Gal could have done differently other than engaging, except she had no clear cut defining line of who was friend or foe.  The fact one fled on foot certainly also helps color who was in the right and who was in the wrong, but we are still playing the game of hindsight.  As it all went down she kept something between her and the questionable parties.  When she finally did pay attention to the dog, her attention went to where it needed to be.

My big crux is read her story and learn what you can from it. You don’t get second chances in these types of incidents and getting a solid write up of an experience like that helps you learn what to look for and most importantly can crush false misconceptions you might have.

Quote of the Day – RobertaX (11/12/2012)

This is how liberty is lost: one bedwetting do-gooder law at a time.

Roberta X: Scary — Go- BOOM!
November 9th, 2012

[There’s a common saying, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions,” and whoever said that was right on the money.

As usual this is a bed wetting politician who has gone into PSH over the fact that people can shoot targets that go boom!  I think his real problem is that while he may be NRA – A rated, he’s upset because reactive targets are loved by new shooters.

Senator Merritt, while this video I created was originally directed and Joan Peterson of Brady fame over pumpkins, I find that it could be easily directed at you.  Yes, we packed every one of those pumpkins full of explosives.  Yes we shot them.  Yes they exploded in a shower of pumpkin guts.  So I guess Senator you’re a perfect replacement for Joan in this video as well.

I suggest you stop being a puritan and just accept the fact that yes, there are people in this world who want to have fun by blowing stuff up.  No one is forcing you to do it and despite what you think, the majority of the public is quite safe with it. -B ]

SSCC #451–Edmonds

According to charges filed by Snohomish County Deputy Prosecutor Adam Cornell, Lavely contacted the 28-year-old Seattle woman after she allegedly jaywalked on Highway 99 in Edmonds on the night of May 6. Early the next morning, Lavely encountered the same woman while handling a 911 call and placed her in the back of his patrol car.

Yet another officer looking for women while on the job and then preying upon them.

State Sponsored Criminal #451: Daniel Lavely

Because when you see a cute girl you like, just tell her to get in the back of your patrol car, she’ll listen because you’re a cop.

Veteran’s Day 2012

Yup, it’s that day again.  I snagged the list of people I know off hand from last year.  The sentiment is the same, Thank you, even if I haven’t met you.

A thanks to: Nick, Oliver, Mikel, Doug, Allen, Christine, John, Mike, Al, Tom, Ken, Andrew, Becca, Matt, and so many others that I know.  If you can, thank a Veteran today.

See, this is what government does…

Outlawed are food donations to homeless shelters because the city can’t assess their salt, fat and fiber content, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

That’s right folks, it’s better to let people starve, especially after a natural disaster.  Honestly if anything I would be surprised if the reason it took 2 weeks to get the lights back on was the fault of the Mayors office.

Personally you folks in New York City elected the douche bag and have done nothing to reign in his tyranny.  On that front you deserve to starve.  I just wish that we could the nanny stateism he’s creating would stay well within your borders. 

Seriously, this is why natural disasters are getting bad on the recovery front.  Instead of doing the job that needs to get done, you have bureaucrats getting in the way claiming to be helping, when in reality people are starving to death.

h/t Uncle.

Never a Good Idea…

It is one never a good idea to threaten anyone, most especially someone like Joe.

I did start chuckling at the thought he just threatened the canary in the coal mine.  Talk about a great way to call down the thunder.  I wonder if he realizes that the disappearance of someone like Joe would provoke the immediate revocation of birth certificates for numerous politicians and violent liberals, including himself now that he has put himself on the radar.

Yes, as Joe says, “We are better than this.”  Some however forget that the majority of us haven’t struck merely because we won’t hit first.  That said, Mr. Comardo’s comments I take as a direct threat.  Doubly so since I spend enough time with the canary that I quite likely would be collateral damage in his disappearance.

Mr. Comardo, if your opinion differs from our own, so be it.  But if you think it necessary to threaten and intimidate others over the fragile nature of your opinion, it might be high time to re-evaluate your opinion.

Since Joe didn’t post it, here is his probable MyLife Profile.  Unsurprisingly he doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile which I should have figured from his support of Obama.  He wouldn’t know how to find a job if it was handed to him.  If anyone wants to continue digging up information feel free to post it here.  A nice profile should it ever be necessary could be quite handy if it’s ready made.