Earworm Wednesday – 11/7/2012

Another one from Clutch:

Clutch – 50,000 Unstoppable Watts

ESS and Boomershoot – Part V

Previously on Masterpiece Theater:

For some extra humor, the blue canopy in the back ground is a couple of guys right next to the ESS crew that were shooting without eye-wear.  They even refused to try the stuff ESS had.  Yes, when I was told that story, I’m reasonably this was my reaction.

I chatted with Ari a bunch while at Boomershoot, awesome guy.  As I’ve said before, I highly recommend the Cross Series of products.  Just to show how much I like them, the FTC can suck an egg, I was paid nothing for saying any of this.  I got a free pair, no strings attached, but it wasn’t even really with a review in mind.


Rehpani-Jimenez, who was assigned to a Brooklyn North precinct, fled the scene after hitting the back of a parked car, the New York Post reported. He was apprehended a short time later, the newspaper reported.

But the Mayor said that the boy’s in blue were the only people he wanted in his city with guns.  Must be because they’re so honest and honorable.

State Sponsored Criminal #448: Rehpani-Jimenez

Because hit and run and driving under the influence is for the lower masses, not police officers!

Remember, There’s No Bias Though…

A woman wearing an MIT t-shirt was barred from voting Florida, according to a local report. MIT stands for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, not Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

That’s right folks, a poll watcher attempted, she was eventually allowed to vote, to stop someone because they were wearing a college shirt for one of the best engineering schools in the country.  Now why do I say there’s no bias, well lets look at this:

It took a court order from a judge to get that covered up.  Even then though the Obama campaign logo is still visible.  It gets better though because lets look at Florida:

Yet the poll watchers do nothing.  They are however more than happy to jump at someone wearing a MIT shirt.

I am a firm believer in the Soap-Box, Ballot-Box, and Cartridge-Box.  Even the UN poll watchers, which I think honestly have no business being here, are astonished that we don’t show ID.  Yet fearless leader and his supporters claim that requiring ID would be discriminatory against a fundamental right.

Interestingly those same people are more than willing to require my ID and a pile of paperwork for me to exercise my enumerated right to own a firearm.

Honestly on a national level, I have absolutely no faith in the ballot system any more.  There’s a reason people don’t want ID’s shown, it’s the only way they can maintain control and survive since it widens the margin of cheat.  My soap-box is working, my cartridge-box still works, I’m finding my ballot-box though extremely suspect.

Quote of the Day–Ry Jones (11/05/2012)

Mother Nature is a bitch, and physics isn’t taking your call, either.

Ry JonesMy guess is I will never get to drive on the bridge currently under construction

November 5th, 2012

[It is amazing the number of people who have assured themselves that they are some how exempt from Mother Nature being a bitch to them, or that some how they are exempt from the laws of physics.  The worst part about it is those who do that rarely ever suffer the consequences for their decisions and choices, it’s always someone else who ends up taking the brunt of it.  -B]

The Day Has Finally Arrived


Liquor was the only way I could cause my rage to dull enough to actually finish filling the bastard out.  Currently the spread in Washington is so large on the federal level there was no point in me even voting for Romney.  Someone told me it was a wasted vote for Johnson, and for a while Bill Whittle almost had me.  Except I remember it matters on the state level and the electoral college.  What is interesting though is since I was free to vote my conscience as I don’t live in a battle ground state it was anything but wasted.  For those who really aren’t aware of what the margin of cheat is here in Washington State, there’s a reason I regularly joke, “Re-elect Dino Rossi”.


Could we make 5%, maybe, who knows, but a lot of people are voting against Obama more than they’re really voting for Romney.  The people do want change, they want to ditch the current two parties.

Other interesting things about the better half’s ballot as well as my own.  Since Washington State allows write in choices I made sure to exercise it where applicable.  For instance the incumbent for my congressional rep, who I actually prefer over her opponent, voted to renew the patriot act.  Well I sure wasn’t going to vote for her opponent because there’s no doubt he would have done the same, so instead we voted for her opponent in the primary.

Next there were some Judges, one of whom we really didn’t like because of a ruling from 2004 which is equivalent to holding a gun manufacturer liable for what someone does with their product.  We voted for Henry Bowman instead for that particular judge. If you don’t get the reference, I suggest you do a bit of reading, you can find it for free in some places digitally.  Dagney Taggart was the write in for the second judge.

My personal favorite was a particular judge who I had the “pleasure” of being a defendant in his court room was also up for reelection, unopposed I might add, so instead we voted for Ellis Wyatt.

So yes, some may give me crap and say I wasted my vote.  To those who would say I did that, prove it.  Prove that some how my vote would have closed a 10% gap in the state of Washington and some how defeated the margin of cheat.

No instead I came out wit ha clean conscience and was able voice my dissent through the electoral process where necessary.  Overall it’s no ones business how we voted, but here’s the thing.  I’m not ashamed of how I voted because I stood up for what I believed in.

SSCC #370 Update–NYPD

After Mayor Numb Nut decided to tout how great his officers were and how they are the only ones that should be anointed with the ability to carry firearms, barring even the national guard, I felt this update was fitting.

A former NYPD officer was sentenced to 15 and a half years in prison for stealing firearms from his fellow officers to sell to a drug ring.

But that’s all sorts of impossible given the fact that firearms are heavily regulated and he has stated that his officers are special!  If it was all a misunderstanding and this man was truly and upright and just LEO wouldn’t the jury have found him not guilty?

State Sponsored Criminal #370: Nicholas Mina

Because only the NYPD should have guns, that way the criminals all work for the same person.

Bloomberg Wants You to Be A Victim

So Mayor Bloomberg Fat @$@! George, said the following recently which provides a very nice window into the mind of a crazy person:

“We appreciate the help,” Bloomberg said. “The National Guard has been helpful, but the NYPD is the only people we want on the streets with guns, and we don’t need it. There’s been one or two minor outbreakings, disgraceful though they may be, of looting reported in the paper, but the vast bulk of people are doing the right thing.”

Umm, evidently the mayor has missed the memo, actually multiple memos about how his police force aren’t some how magically superior than the rest of the public.  As a matter of fact, they have probably the highest incident rate in my criminal count currently.

Instead of accepting help to prevent looting and restore order, thus allowing his citizens to stop living in fear since he forcibly disarmed them, he says no, he wants only his paid thugs to be armed in the city.  Remember this man has his own private army to protect him and his family.

As for the comments about the National Guard allowing for a police state to occur within New York City, you haven’t been paying attention have you.  I have three words for those who think New York City isn’t a police state, “Stop and Frisk“.

The mayor that is more worried about big gulps and preventing law-abiding citizens from defending themselves unsurprisingly is actively preventing others from defending those same citizens.

Mr. Mayor, I suggest you recite the Scout Oath and Law, since it’s become blatantly apparent that you’ve forgotten it.  Not to mention I’m reasonably sure that you wouldn’t know a good turn if it hopped up and bit you square in the face.  Frankly sir, I wish you would just shut up and step down because between you and Michael Moore, you’re making the rest of us look bad.  Your statements and actions reflect on all of us and you would do well to remember your charge.  Here let me help you.

The Eagle’s Charge

The foremost responsibility of an Eagle Scout is to live with honor. To an Eagle Scout, honor is the foundation of all character. He knows that “A Scout is trustworthy” is the very first point of the Scout Law for good reason. An Eagle Scout lives honorably, not only because honor is important to him but because of the vital significance of the example he sets for other Scouts. Living honorably reflects credit on his home, his church, his troop, and his community. May the white of the Eagle badge remind you to always live with honor.

The second obligation of an Eagle Scout is loyalty. A Scout is true to his family, Scout leaders, friends, school, and nation. His loyalty to his troop and brother Scouts makes him pitch in and carry his share of the load. All of these help to build the loyalty which means devotion to community, to country, to one’s own ideals, and to God. Let the blue of the Eagle badge always inspire your loyalty.

The third obligation of the Eagle Scout is to be courageous. Courage has always been a quality by which men measure themselves and others. To a Scout, bravery means not only the courage to face physical danger, but the determination to stand up for the right. Trusting in God, with faith in his fellowman, he looks forward to each day, seeking his share of the world’s work to do. Let the red in the Eagle badge remind you always of courage.

The fourth obligation of an Eagle Scout is to be cheerful. To remind the Eagle Scout to always wear a smile, the red, white, and blue ribbon is attached to the scroll of the Second Class Scout award, which has its ends turned up in a smile.

The final responsibility of an Eagle Scout is service. The Eagle Scout extends a helping hand to those who still toil up Scouting’s trail, just as others helped him in his climb to the Eagle. The performance of the daily Good Turn takes on a new meaning when he enters a more adult life continuing service to others. The Eagle stands as protector of the weak and helpless. He aids and comforts the unfortunate and the oppressed. He upholds the rights of others while defending his own. He will always “Be Prepared” to put forth his best.

You deserve much credit for having achieved Scouting’s highest award. But wear your award with humility, ever mindful that the Eagle Scout is looked up to as an example. May the Scout Oath and the Scout Law be your guide for tomorrow and onward.

Yeah, about the only thing you’ve done in that charge is walk around with a grin that approximates Joe Biden’s smirk.  Honestly though that point is probably the least important of the points.

If you feel that you’re being courageous and doing the right thing here’s a pro tip: it’s not being courageous when others are dead and victimized for your decisions.  It is anything but courageous to tell someone they cannot carry arms in their own defense while paying someone else to carry arms to defend you.

Courageous in this day is standing up for individual liberties and rights from nanny statists like you who would rather rape and pillage the land for their own profit.

People of New York, remember your mayor would rather his men, one of which was recently arrested for planning a kid-napping where he was going to eat the victim, than have the national guard arrive and restore order.

When it comes time for reelection, you would do well to remember his behavior because he needs to be sent packing.