SSCC #480-#483: McAllen

Federal prosecutors announced charges Thursday against four officers from a South Texas anti-drug task force who they say took thousands of dollars in bribes to guard large shipments of cocaine.

The officers — two from the Mission police department and two Hidalgo County sheriff’s deputies — were members of the “Panama Unit,” which is a joint task force between the two agencies that targets drug trafficking, according to prosecutors. Mission’s police chief said one of the officers was actually part of a different task force, but a prosecutor’s office official didn’t immediately respond to an after-hours seeking clarification.

This isn’t the first time the enforcers in the “War on Drugs” were personally profiting off of it.  But remember, it’s necessary for our safety and protection.   Since prohibitions are wonderful things and all and don’t have any negative effects.  Yes, that last sentence was seeping with sarcasm, just to make sure I’m clear.

State Sponsored Criminal #480: Rigoberto Espinoza
#481: Jonathan Trevino
#482: Fabian Rodriguez
#483: Gerardo Duran

Because the real reason to join the police is to abuse the law abiding while taking bribes to protect the criminals.

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