2011 Brady Scores vs. 2011 FBI UCR

I’ve been lazy.  I finally got around to creating a spreadsheet for the 2011 Brady and 2011 UCR data.  I’ve started getting bored with this because it’s always the same.  You can examine the spread sheet yourself, it’s linked at the bottom.

So first up is the overall scores plot.


You will notice the trend is basically flat with an R2 of 0.0014.  It appears yet again the Brady score card criteria has no bearing on how safe or dangerous a state is.  This R2 value is actually a decrease again from the previous comparison with the 2010 data.

Moving forward lets examine just the to 10 scores:


It’s flattened a bit more than the previous comparison.  Again there is absolutely no real correlation.  We’ll pack it down further to just all scores above 50.  The calculated correlation was 0.0159.


A little better R2 value but still non-existent with a correlation of 0.54.  Still showing absolutely no relation between the scores or crime.

Lastly we grabbed all states with a violent crime rate below 300 per 100k.


The average score in those states was 12.35 and again the correlation with scores was 0.38.

Yet again we see that the proposals by those who would deny us our rights have absolutely no bearing on safety or crime despite their claims.  Facts and statistics prove them to be lying.

I am going to add two new graphs onto this plot though I’m going to continue thinking of a better way to plot them.  First up is the Brady Score vs. the UCR trend in a state.


I did the same thing with how  the Brady Scores changed between 2010 and 2012.


Neither had a correlation with each other, though I would like to expand the data set to include multiple years.  I don’t think it’s worth the time though, no matter how you cut it, the Brady Score cards and the laws they argue for with it have no immediate relationship with violent crime rates.

I do like how that second graph helps shoot down the blood in the streets argument since there were numerous states that went to constitutional carry in 2011 as well as states gaining concealed carry.

You can get the spreadsheet here.

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6 Responses to 2011 Brady Scores vs. 2011 FBI UCR

  1. Old NFO says:

    Another set of ‘inconvienent truths’… Thanks!

    • RKV says:

      I know what the FBI UCR is. You, on the other hand, have been less clear on which part of the UCR data you’re graphing. On inspection, and since I know the data (having once corrected you for using the wrong years dataset in another post) it appears to be violent crime rate per 100K population on the x axis. You might spell that out so the reader doesn’t have to guess.

      • You could have very easily just come in and said,

        Adding labels to the axes might be beneficial to the reader to help clarify the data. It is not clear which part of the UCR data set you are using and can add additional confusion.

        And that would be right, polite, and correct.

        Instead you came in and threw up past history, for which I admitted I was wrong, at fault, corrected and explained the consequence of my error. An error that you pointed out elsewhere and not in a direct path to guarantee I saw or could correct the deficiency. History that ultimately has no bearing other than to inflate yourself and make yourself feel some how superior.

        Pro-tip on providing constructive criticism, don’t act like a dick when doing it. Be straight forward, explain your point and leave it at that.

        I have updated the charts and am re-uploading the spreadsheet.

        • RKV says:

          You already put out one bad dataset and whined about it when it was pointed out, then you resort to profanity when someone points out another basic problem with your presentation. You’re plenty critical of others when you want to be. Can’t seem to take it yourself.

          • Barron says:

            When did I whine when the previous issues were pointed out? Links please. Illustrate where I complained or was upset by the discovery of the previous error. When did I resort to profanity?

            I didn’t whine about your recommendation either. If I didn’t care, why would have I bothered to go revise all the charts and add labels on your recommendation.

            What I was saying is the way you wrote your statement was acting like a dick and your response here seems to confirm it.

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