NSSF, I don’t think you understand…

So Bitter has a full fisking on the letter from NSSF regarding Reed Exhibitions banning Modern Sporting Rifles.

They started off great saying they disagree but they fall flat on their face in the last two paragraphs.

However, it would be unfair to penalize the 1,200 exhibitors or the some 200,000 sportsmen and women who will attend the show by discouraging participation at a time when the hunting and shooting sports community needs to be united in the face of political challenges.

We urge industry exhibitors and attendees to participate in the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show as planned and encourage attendees to visit the Reed Exhibitions booth at the show to share their concerns and to then enjoy the show.

Pardon my language, but bullshit!  Let me explain something to you NSSF, the management caved from the pressure of one vendor.  Why should gun owners support that kind of behavior.  You know what gun owners are good at?  They’re fantastic at running back stabbing hypocrites out of town on a rail.  What you’re saying is we shouldn’t run off these cowards who are willing to compromise on everyone else’s second amendment rights.

No, no, and NO.  Any and every firearm owner should boycott the Easter Sports and Outdoor Show and Reed Exhibitions.  You know what businesses speak in?  Money. If they sell out a portion of their customer base and suffer financial consequences, that is a lesson, do not betray your customer for fear of political backlash.

Tell me, are any of those bitching and whining anti-rights cultists going to pay money to see your exhibit?  Are any of them going to drop money on firearms or rifles?  So why in the name of god does anyone think it’s a good idea to throw your customers down the river to placate a bunch of morons who aren’t even spending money with you.

Tell me, Starbucks is smart enough to keep themselves lined up without issue and know who butters their bread.  Yet you, the NSSF, comes to gun owners and say just give them your money anyway, they don’t really hate you.  Bullshit, they obviously don’t understand who their customers are and business 101 if they are willing to sacrifice customers for people who don’t even spend money with them.

I was contemplating today trying to save up to go to SHOT 2014 and meet up with Oleg there.  I think instead I will try to go back east to visit Oleg in the fall.  I cannot help but look at that letter from the NSSF and feel that they are selling out gun owners just like the NRA has done in the past.

Tell me, why should I spend money with you if you turn around and tell others to support someone who obviously doesn’t support my constitutional rights.  Telling people that it’s ok to compromise yet again.  We’ve been compromising since 1934 and enough is enough.

Yes, you will be getting an angry call from me here in the near future and you will have to justify your shit.  I suggest you start working on that, or come up with a very good apology.  Remember, there’s three parts if you take that route.

Yes I understand there’s other exhibitors who disagree and are caught up in this mess, those exhibitors should be pulling out and leaving.  In doing so demanding refunds and costing Reed for making a poor decision to illustrate that a compromise of our rights is some how acceptable.

Update: Cabela’s has pulled out as a top sponsor!

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4 Responses to NSSF, I don’t think you understand…

  1. George says:

    It was Bitter’s fisk.

  2. BobG says:

    I’m in complete agreement, Barron. We get enough bullshit from our enemies, we don’t need any from the people that are supposed to be our allies.
    I guess Zumbo has faded in a few memories; maybe it’s time for another reminder of how we view enemy collaborators.

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