Quote of the Day – Sebastian (2/6/2013)

Journalists just assume this stuff is true, and print it as truth, but the truth is that the gun culture changed first, and then the gun culture changed the industry. The industry did not change the gun culture. When is the left going to recognize that this is a movement composed of millions of actual people? Thinking people. People who are often smarter than the journalists who write this crap.

SebastianOn the Popularity of the AR-15
February 6th, 2013

[When is the left going to realize that fact?  Never.  They want to destroy us and our culture.  They want to imprison us for being different and daring to be independent.  They hate who we are and what we represent and they will peddle any lie they can to help them accomplish their goal.

The idea that this culture is big enough and massive enough to move whole industries is unfathomable to them.  The idea that a rifle became popular due to its utilitarian value just the same is blasphemy.  They are trying to understand and comprehend a culture and an environment they know nothing about.

When you cannot even get basic nomenclature correct, when you constantly describe things incorrectly, it should be obvious that you don’t know what you’re talking about.  Alas they double down on stupid because they have no interest in learning, just in criminalizing those they hate with differing opinions. -B]

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