SSCC #517–San Luis Obispo

A detective with the San Luis Obispo Police Department was arrested Tuesday by FBI agents after being charged in a bribery scheme in which he allegedly took cash and drugs from two people.

The money shot for why this one made the count quite simply speaks for itself.

The complaint alleges that Pierce used his position as a police officer to influence one of the witness’s probation officers to perform little or no supervision of him and informed him that he could “work off” his heroin possession charge by cooperating with Pierce. The complaint goes on to allege that Pierce informed the cooperating witnesses about ongoing police investigations, including where best to purchase narcotics and which drug houses to stay away from, so that they would not be caught in the act of buying.

Nice huh?  Wonder what would happen to any  of the rest of us how behaved like that and didn’t have a badge.

State Sponsored Criminal #517: Cory Pierce

Because when you create an informant you can manipulate them however you like, including getting them to score you money and drugs.

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  1. lucusloc says:

    “When you cannot even get basic nomenclature incorrect. . . ” lol, sorry, I just had to post the irony of that statement. I’m not trying to dig you (too much) and I know we all have our typos, but this one was just too funny. Might want to correct that one 😉

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      Whats actually even funnier about that. I had it right, reread it skimming and missed I had the negative in front and switched it from being correct to incorrect, in both senses.