Quote of the Day – Caleb (2/8/2013)

If you want a guaranteed one shot stop, I suggest hitting your attacker with a Chevy Impala going 85 MPH. That would have a 3,500,000 Power Factor, which definitely makes major.

Caleb GiddingsStopping power explained

February 8th, 2013

[Yup.  This is why you carry a pistol for the unexpected.  When I know that I’m going into a situation where there might be trouble, I grab a rifle.

The myth of the one shot stop is one of the other reasons you hear people arguing you don’t need more that X rounds.

News flash everyone, pistol rounds suck at stopping an attacker in a single hit.  Shot placement helps, but anyone who claims that in the middle of the stress induced by fighting for their life they will magically be able to always hit their attacker in the head, which happens to be moving, is full of crap.  Even center of mass can be difficult on a moving target, especially when that target is trying to kill you.

You carry a pistol defensively for the unexpected.  Though I will say, I am saving this video because honestly, claiming officers carry for offensive purposes, that means they can shoot first and ask questions later.  Oh wait, LA, almost forgot about that.

That video will be quite handy if someone kicks in my door in the middle of the night and happens to be an LEO.  They’ve stated they’re packing offensively which automatically means they intend to kill me.  They need no justification, they’re acting offensively. -B]

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3 Responses to Quote of the Day – Caleb (2/8/2013)

  1. Lyle says:

    Any halfway experienced hunter can verify this. I once put a 50 caliber soft lead ball through a deer in a “quartering away” shot– Ruined a hip muscle, busted the gut, busted the liver, penetrated the diaphram, ruined one lung, and it still ran multiple hundreds of yards before going down. I’ve dropped one deer in its tracks, which turned out to have been the result of a glancing hit to the spine after penetrating the gut and the heart/lung cavity. I also learned that it’s possible to miss a perfectly easy shot, just from the little bit of excitement of seeing your prey, which is NOT trying to kill you.

    My son put another 50 caliber ball right into the heart of a deer at close range. Impact velocity in the very hot 44 Magnum range, or about 1,500 fps. The heart was blown completely open, and would lay out over my hand flat, like a pancake. That deer ran approximately 40 yards. With no heart. And both lungs were ruined too. Any hunter will have similar stories.

  2. Old NFO says:

    +1 on Lyle… And yeah, I’m saving a copy of that video too!

  3. BobG says:

    Shot placement is the most important factor.
    Even the Chevy won’t do the job if you don’t hit the target.