Quote of the Day – Massad Ayoob (2/14/2013)

In an adult lifetime spent debriefing firefight survivors, I learned that the almost universal epiphany in the aftermath of such events was the realization that when you fight to survive, you’re really fighting to return to the people you love…the people who define your existence.

Massad AyoobOn Valentine’s Day

February 14th, 2013

[I love my family more than anything.  It serves my family no benefit to be lying dead in a ditch.  To fight for my family though, to fight for myself, those two things most greatly benefit my family and loved ones.

Just the same as Massad points out fight the political battle before us for the people you love.  Don’t get cocky or complacent.  Many claim that X bill won’t move forward or that X bill couldn’t possibly pass.

Look at what happened in New York.  It was a blitzkrieg that took us all off guard before we had a chance to retaliate.  But that was New York you say, it couldn’t possibly happen in a state with decent support for firearms.  Really?

Let’s look at Colorado now shall we.  Do you want to reevaluate that assumption?

Listen folks, it sucks, there is no question we’re in a serious fight.  We cannot fall victim to pride, we cannot fall victim to over-confidence.  Our opponents did that and look at where it got them over the past decade.  We cannot underestimate them and their capabilities.  Each day we move from the tragedy that brought this fight before us, the closer we move to safety, but there will never be a magical time where our rights will be safe.  The price for liberty is eternal vigilance and the sooner you realize this the better.

I love my family more than anything and that’s why I am considerably more politically active than usual.  Usually I just use the written word when dealing with politicians  this time around I have resorted to using the dreaded box known as the telephone.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  I can tell you if the enemy gets an inch, they will do all they can to make it a mile.

I’m going to state this here and now, I will not waver, I will not cower, I will fight by any means necessary, to defend the inalienable right to keep and bear arms, endowed to us by our creator and merely enumerated in the Bill of Rights.

There are some who think that they do not need to support us, who don’t care because it doesn’t affect the guns they use.  The bad news is you either support the right to arms or you do not.  It’s quite simple really, Join or Die.

Join or Die
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  1. Old NFO says:

    Well said on both parts… And yes we DO have to be proactive on this one…