SSCC #522 – Box Elder County

A former Box Elder County sheriff’s deputy accused of sexually assaulting women during a series of traffic stops has reached a plea agreement that could land him in state prison for up to five years.

Scott Womack, 37, reached a deal in 1st District Court in which he will plead no contest to one count of custodial sexual misconduct, a third-degree felony, and two counts of attempted custodial misconduct, class A misdemeanors, according to court records.

They dropped 9 additional charges including unlawful detention.  The whole incident overall is very disturbing, especially since the incidents go all the way back to October 2010.

Remember though, many claim that the police should be given a monopoly on force because they are somehow anointed and worthy of magical trust.  I’ve got more to add on that but I’m still letting my anger subside.

State Sponsored Criminal #522: Scott Womack

Because when you pull over a hot chick, make her strip for you, you’re a cop right you just need to make up an excuse.

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