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New gun restrictions there, even modest ones, is a much bigger deal than in the states anti-gun forces have already largely won. Any victory there will provide a template that will be repeated in other traditionally pro-gun swing states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, you name it. Once the dominoes start to fall, it’s going to be extremely difficult to stop. This is why they cannot be allowed to score any wins at all. This isn’t about reasonableness. This isn’t about people coming together to solve problems. Politics is not either of those things: it is about power, and nothing else, and the side that is more effective at wielding power is the one that goes home victorious, and the other beaten up and bloodied in ways that couldn’t have been imagined when you went in thinking they were going to be reasonable. There is no reasonableness in the political process, there is only victory and defeat.

SebastianHow the Tide Turns
February 18, 2013

[First go read the whole thing.  Between that paragraph and the last paragraph it was a tie.

The law’s main purpose is simple, “to keep those who have the money and the power with the money and the power.”  Anyone who thinks differently is merely an ideologue who hasn’t discovered reality yet.

Right now our opponents are fighting tooth and nail to find a way to keep us out of the fight.  It is the only way they can hide their weakness and convince legislators to commit Seppuku.  Sebastian is right on another front, we must punish every last one of these tyrants come the next election.  We need to ensure those who attack our rights, even if unsuccessful pay the political price.

Those three sponsors for the Washington AWB are now saying, “I’m sorry I didn’t realize this was going to trample on more civil rights than just your right to arms.”  The three sponsors of that particular bill all belong to the Greater Peoples Republic of Seattle and I don’t see any of those paying for their crimes.  There are however plenty of people betraying gun owners over other bills such SB 5711.  We need to teach a very valuable lesson on all fronts.  We need to throw any legislator out who supported these bills.

Further if the state supports it, to show sincerity, get them recalled.  I’ve been contemplating for a while leading a charge to recall a couple of tyrants from Washington.  It will be exceedingly difficult, however there is always the possibility given the rapid change in the political climate of the past two months.  Washingtonians are pissed and many of them are becoming active again after being dormant for a long time.  I’m not kidding either, I know a few people who had even given up on voting after the King Dome/Safeco Field fiasco getting back into the ball game again.

What I don’t want to do though is make a bad move which is why I’m trying to talk with those who have a better aerial view of the political battlefield.

Make no mistake folks, we are seeing the final moves of a long played chess game.  How quickly it ends is anyone’s guess.  I can tell you if our opponents fail in their current plays, they will have exhausted themselves into defeat.  While we will still need to remain vigilant their relevancy politically will join the likes of the Aryan Nations and the KKK.  Let’s do everything we can to ensure their plays fail and anyplace they do gain an inch they pay politically by loosing a mile. -B]

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