Washington Residents, Contact Your State Legislators

Had something come across my screen tonight, and it’s not good news for those of us in Washington.

Washington lawmakers are beginning to coalesce around a plan that would expand the state’s laws on gun background checks, providing hope for supporters after years of failed efforts.

While the measure is supported by many Democrats, the background checks plan also picked up support from Republican Rep. Mike Hope of Lake Stevens, Republican Sen. Steve Litzow of Mercer Island and Senate Majority Leader Rodney Tom, a Democrat who has aligned himself with Republicans this year. The Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs also supports the idea.

This is not a joke folks and this is deadly serious.  The bill in question is SB 5711 and as you can see there are some Republican’s selling us and our rights up the river.  Make no mistake folks, this has nothing to do with background checks and never mind that in the end they wont actually do anything.

Our opponents claim that it will not deny anyone their rights, except many are delayed for no reason other than NICS cannot handle the load.  In December the local gun shop was having trouble getting through to NICS to complete purchases.  There are no provisions in this law to create a state system or otherwise provide additional funding to the federal system.  All it will do is increase burden, which will decrease availability and increase the difficulty and delay in getting  a firearm.  Further without a state registry there is no way this law could be effectively enforced.  Given the behavior of California and New York with moves for confiscation, does anyone think that’s a good idea?

Tell me, if the state is so desperate for background checks at the state level, why not just place an endorsement on every drivers license indicating that they are not a prohibited person.  Now the background check merely becomes checking your driver’s license.  Or why not do something like Idaho, your CPL satisfies the NICS requirement, lessen the burden on the federal system.

The problem is those creating this legislation aren’t actually interested in solutions to the problem they claim to be after.  Their problem statement is as follows:

How do we disarm the citizens of the State of Washington?

Their statement isn’t:

How can we work to aid the law-abiding people of Washington in preventing arms from falling into the hands of criminals while also protecting the rights of the law-abiding?

Think about that long and hard folks.  Don’t believe the lies they feed you.  Most certainly do not think that republicans are on your side.  Tonight’s post was originally going to be on an event that occurred last Saturday but that will be delayed until tomorrow.

There are more bills in the works than just this one as well.  Public hearings are scheduled for 0800 on Wednesday the 13th.

What I need, what your fellow gun owners of Washington need is for all of you sound the alarm and contact your representatives and attend the hearings if you can.  This fight is real and it’s down right serious.

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