Quote of the Day – Kathy Jackson (2/22/2013)

Like you, I want safer families and safer communities. Like you, I think it is appalling when bad people use firearms to do bad things. And like you, I want to see lower rates of violent crime and higher rates of good people staying safe. That is why I am a strong supporter of liberal laws in the area of concealed carry, and it’s why I am in favor of laws that improve the ability of ordinary people to protect themselves wherever they go. It’s also why I support the freedom to purchase and own firearms without a lot of bureaucratic tangles. Because I want good people to be safer, I support laws that make it easy for good people to protect themselves from violent crime.

Kathy Jackson“Reasonable” Restrictions

February 22, 2013

[Like Kathy, I don’t see anything “reasonable” about restricting a human right.  Heck, I’ve described it previously.  My care and concern is for the law-abiding.  More specifically the innocent who would be victimized. There is nothing “reasonable” about trying prevent these people from obtaining arms.

Many look at 1588 and consider it reasonable.  The more I think about that bill, the more I become very concerned and very afraid.  The burden of proof will be on the seller that he complied with the law.  It will be nothing more than a gotcha used when they want to hang you but cannot find something else.  There are some serious problems with it and on the surface it sounds like a good law.  No law-abiding person wants to just hand a firearm over to someone who is prohibited.

My problem is instead of creating a tool to help those people perform that function, they have created a method to hang that citizen should the government ever feel like doing so.

They could easily indicate on people’s drivers licenses, which are renewed every 5 years, whether someone is a prohibited person.  Do it on EVERY license.  Make this valid instead of the NICS check as well, which would be much like the Idaho CPL in Idaho.  You have now alleviated federal burden and created a tool to help every citizen in keeping guns out of the hands of prohibited people.

Now what happens if the persons status changes?  The state confiscates the old license and issues a new one.  What about those without license, Washington has state issued ID as well, not to mention most owners would become weary of those who refuse.  Could bad guys still forge a license or the endorsement?  Yeah, but it’s merely a tool to help and you’re not going to hang someone who honestly intends no harm in the process.

It’s a crime to knowingly transfer a firearm to a prohibited person.  You have given an extra tool to the citizen to verify that person isn’t prohibited   The fact it is on everyone’s license prevents a registry.  The biggest issue is those who don’t have a license or state ID, it honestly shouldn’t be required to exercise a human right.  I view this mainly as a tool to help honest people and most people can easily exercise good judgement and currently they do for the most part.  No legal requirement to check, this prevents the catch-22 of placing bureaucratic onus on the seller, but having it there most people will do the right thing.  Heck, honest buyers will pull it out just to prove they’re good to go.  No need to record anything, no need to write it down.  It’s merely a tool to aid an honest transaction.  Yup, you have the stamp of approval and you’re old enough and you’re in state.  We’re set.

Instead our elected representatives our creating a bureaucratic mess that we will have to maintain to prove our innocence.  They aren’t interested in improving safety or helping the law-abiding do the right thing.  No, all they want is another law they can use to hang a gun owner with when they feel like it. -B ]


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