SSCC #531 – Albemarle County

A former local fourth-grade teacher and police officer will spend three years in prison for possessing child pornography, an Albemarle County circuit judge ruled Tuesday.

Both a teacher and a cop.  Often people talk as if bad things just can’t happen because we’ve done X or Y to prevent it.  The thing is, X or Y lowers the statistical likelihood but it never actually reaches 0.

He’s getting 2 10 year sentences, the majority of which is suspended.  Must be for all the good he did in the community.  Especially since some of the counts went all the way back to the 80’s.  While he wasn’t an active police officer, the counts appear to have started while he was a teach and an officer.

State Sponsored Criminal #531: Charles Farrell

Because some times just being a teacher isn’t enough, you just need that badge for an extra bit of authority.

*Odd, this was supposed to post yesterday but didn’t.

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