SSCC #514: Ahoskie

A police officer from the east arrested and charged with raping a teenager will make his first court appearance today.

He’s being charged with 20 counts.  Remember though, police should be the only ones allowed to have access to firearms, they’re anointed.

State Sponsored Criminal #514: Andres Snape

Because by all means if you see something you like, take it, you’re a cop, they really just want you and you’re exempt from the law.

Quote of the Day – A Girl and Her Gun (2/4/2012)

This giveaway is not about gun ownership (which is cool by itself). It is about trying to help empower a woman to see herself in a new and powerful light and it is about encouraging her to take positive steps in her own life to help her be more free, more in control, more peaceful, more safe.

A Girl and Her GunA New Focus

February 1st, 2013

[That right there in a nutshell is the leading reason I am so willing to fight so hard on this side of the fence.  It is the foundation for Why I Get Angry.

So A Girl is doing another give-away.  The details on the give-away can be found here.  If you qualify and would like to participate, you can also use this handy form.

There’s a reason I love this community and this is a great example of it. -B ]

Your Friday Afternoon Laugh

Not sure why, but this just struck a chord with me.

Also Bitter has an interesting note regarding our opponents and their refusal to believe how united our side of the fight is.  There’s a post I want to do regarding the ESOS incident and just haven’t had a chance to write it up yet.  Not to mention I have a couple other ideas rumbling around for posts yet but keep getting distracted.

Keep up the fight folks, we’re not out of the woods yet, not even close.  To those paying attention though, our resolve is more than they expected to see.

SSCC #512 & #513: Lake Stevens

Lake Stevens has agreed to pay $100,000 to a young couple after two officers, without a warrant, forced their way into their home and forcibly arrested the man over a day-old traffic confrontation.

Screwed up barely begins to describe this situation and honestly those two officers are lucky they weren’t perforated.  In the current political climate, officers behaving like this could very well set off a powder keg.

Go read the whole story, it’s long enough and complicated enough I cannot easily post get all the details here.  However here’s the money shot:

Berg said Warbis and Wellington remain members of the Lake Stevens Police Department.

Reading through the comments indicates that Lake Stevens has a serious problem with this type of behavior and corruption.

State Sponsored Criminal #512: Steve Warbis

#513: James Wellington

Because warrants, probable cause, and all that other stuff are for other police officers.  These two can kick in whatever door they want, arrest whoever they want, threaten whoever they want, out of uniform, and absolutely nothing will happen to the officers.  Instead the taxpayers payout for their crimes.

via Marc.