SSCC #520 – Auburn

This one is right out of my home town growing up.

An Auburn police officer is under investigation for allegedly groping a pregnant and handcuffed woman.

Currently the officer is on vacation paid administrative leave and is being investigated by the Puyallup police department.  Most disturbing was this:

“He asked, like, three different times if he could come inside,” Thomspson said.

Excuse me officer, why would you ask that question once, much less three times.  Were you hoping she would give you coffee after assaulting her under color of law?

State Sponsored Criminal #520: Officer John Doe

Because when you see a hot chick leave a bar and you want to cop a feel, you can just make it happen.

Quote of the Day – Alan (2/12/2013)

It’s funny how a few thousand rounds of a particular caliber sounds like a lot until you can’t get any more. Then it’s not nearly enough.

Alan AndrewsComment to Ammo Blues
February 12, 2013

[This current ammo crunch is much worse than the last one.  Maybe it just feels that way to me because I’m shooting more now, but honestly this one feels worse.  The crunch from supply to bare shelves was much more rapid and caught many off guard, not to mention this one’s also happening next to a firearm and magazine crunch.

During the last crunch I could still find 22lr along with many other calibers, prices went up, but it was by no means a fully dry supply.

The ammo shelf at the local Ace Hardware.

I bought a new gun in November and this was a new caliber to add to my pen.  I planned on spending the next couple months stocking up a ready supply for matches and practice.  Yeah that plan flew right out the window.  Luckily I have a small deal with my local neighborhood dealer and am getting ammo to get me through the USPSA matches now.  I would like to go back to shooting steel as well but honestly I don’t want to expend the ammo.  I could shoot .22 but I don’t have nearly the surplus I would like.  I had a few things on my list for restocking this year and honestly I think those plans are going to get pushed out.

Alan’s statement nails this one on the head.  I felt I had enough until all the sudden my prospects for replenishment fell to 0.  Even getting your hands on reloading components is down right difficult if not impossible.  I’m afraid with the severity of this crunch, even if the bubble burst tomorrow, it’s going to be a while before ammo gets back on shelves.

When we finally get out of this, me thinks there will be a monthly ammo budget to continually grow a surplus of the most often used calibers. -B]

Washington Residents, Contact Your State Legislators

Had something come across my screen tonight, and it’s not good news for those of us in Washington.

Washington lawmakers are beginning to coalesce around a plan that would expand the state’s laws on gun background checks, providing hope for supporters after years of failed efforts.

While the measure is supported by many Democrats, the background checks plan also picked up support from Republican Rep. Mike Hope of Lake Stevens, Republican Sen. Steve Litzow of Mercer Island and Senate Majority Leader Rodney Tom, a Democrat who has aligned himself with Republicans this year. The Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs also supports the idea.

This is not a joke folks and this is deadly serious.  The bill in question is SB 5711 and as you can see there are some Republican’s selling us and our rights up the river.  Make no mistake folks, this has nothing to do with background checks and never mind that in the end they wont actually do anything.

Our opponents claim that it will not deny anyone their rights, except many are delayed for no reason other than NICS cannot handle the load.  In December the local gun shop was having trouble getting through to NICS to complete purchases.  There are no provisions in this law to create a state system or otherwise provide additional funding to the federal system.  All it will do is increase burden, which will decrease availability and increase the difficulty and delay in getting  a firearm.  Further without a state registry there is no way this law could be effectively enforced.  Given the behavior of California and New York with moves for confiscation, does anyone think that’s a good idea?

Tell me, if the state is so desperate for background checks at the state level, why not just place an endorsement on every drivers license indicating that they are not a prohibited person.  Now the background check merely becomes checking your driver’s license.  Or why not do something like Idaho, your CPL satisfies the NICS requirement, lessen the burden on the federal system.

The problem is those creating this legislation aren’t actually interested in solutions to the problem they claim to be after.  Their problem statement is as follows:

How do we disarm the citizens of the State of Washington?

Their statement isn’t:

How can we work to aid the law-abiding people of Washington in preventing arms from falling into the hands of criminals while also protecting the rights of the law-abiding?

Think about that long and hard folks.  Don’t believe the lies they feed you.  Most certainly do not think that republicans are on your side.  Tonight’s post was originally going to be on an event that occurred last Saturday but that will be delayed until tomorrow.

There are more bills in the works than just this one as well.  Public hearings are scheduled for 0800 on Wednesday the 13th.

What I need, what your fellow gun owners of Washington need is for all of you sound the alarm and contact your representatives and attend the hearings if you can.  This fight is real and it’s down right serious.

via Gay Cynic

SSCC #519 – Minneapolis

A Minneapolis police officer is in jail after his arrest for allegedly having off-duty sexual encounters with several girls between the ages of 12 and 14, according to the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators from the Brooklyn Center Police Department were alerted that Bradley Schnickel, 32, used social media to contact a female and sent inappropriate messages to her. The investigation widened and multiple possible female victims were identified, authorities said. Cmdr. Paul Sommer of the Sheriff’s Office declined to provide a number.

Remember though, those in law enforcement should be given a monopoly on force.  They are anointed and could do no wrong against the rest of the public.

As usual he’s on paid administrative leave but given the number of officers who have done this while working as school resource officers, he’s on the count.

State Sponsored Criminal #519: Bradley Schnickel

Because a position of trust is so easy to use to manipulate people who are young and naive, especially when that position is instructed by many to be obeyed without question. 

Quote of the Day – Jefferson Griffeath

Half the reason I became a lawyer was so I could get away with being belligerent.

Jefferson Griffeath

February 9th, 2013

[Jefferson made this comment about the fact that he started the Walter Steed protest, more on the protest later, and he was wondering how his activism and blog would affect his professional career.

I offered to set him up with anonymity and that was his reply… Touché Jefferson, touché!

Not to mention there’s a lot to be said for a man willing to stand front and center behind his convictions.  -B]

Quote of the Day – Caleb (2/8/2013)

If you want a guaranteed one shot stop, I suggest hitting your attacker with a Chevy Impala going 85 MPH. That would have a 3,500,000 Power Factor, which definitely makes major.

Caleb GiddingsStopping power explained

February 8th, 2013

[Yup.  This is why you carry a pistol for the unexpected.  When I know that I’m going into a situation where there might be trouble, I grab a rifle.

The myth of the one shot stop is one of the other reasons you hear people arguing you don’t need more that X rounds.

News flash everyone, pistol rounds suck at stopping an attacker in a single hit.  Shot placement helps, but anyone who claims that in the middle of the stress induced by fighting for their life they will magically be able to always hit their attacker in the head, which happens to be moving, is full of crap.  Even center of mass can be difficult on a moving target, especially when that target is trying to kill you.

You carry a pistol defensively for the unexpected.  Though I will say, I am saving this video because honestly, claiming officers carry for offensive purposes, that means they can shoot first and ask questions later.  Oh wait, LA, almost forgot about that.

That video will be quite handy if someone kicks in my door in the middle of the night and happens to be an LEO.  They’ve stated they’re packing offensively which automatically means they intend to kill me.  They need no justification, they’re acting offensively. -B]

SSCC #518 – LAPD

Two women who were shot by Los Angeles police in Torrance early Thursday during a massive manhunt for an ex-LAPD officer were delivering newspapers, sources said.

Tell me, if someone threatened me and I opened fire on a car full of innocent people where would I be right now?  These officers will not be punished despite their gross negligence of firing into a truck that was the wrong color to boot.

Of note though look at how the actions of a single man have put one of the largest police forces in the country on its toes.  Tell me, how is it going to work attempting to confiscate guns from a bunch of people who don’t want them confiscated?

State Sponsored Criminal #518: The Entire LAPD

Because when some nut job is threatening you, you can shoot whoever the hell you want without any restraint.  You’re in fear for your life right?*

*Yeah that excuse doesn’t work for the rest of us so why does it all the sudden work here?

Attempting to Further Tax a Right

The email I got this morning was regarding this bill:

AN ACT Relating to promoting firearm safety through an education program funded through fees on firearms and ammunition and creating a sales tax exemption on gun locks; adding a new section to chapter 82.08 RCW; adding a new section to chapter 82.12 RCW; adding new sections to chapter 9.41 RCW; adding a new section to chapter 43.70 RCW; creating a new section; prescribing penalties; and providing an effective date.

The bill aims to do the following:

  • 1 cent tax per round of ammunition.  Buy 500 rounds pay an extra 5 dollars in taxes on top of the existing taxes.
  • 25 dollars in tax for every firearm sold at retail, 15 if the firearm includes a gun-lock.
  • An account of every round of ammunition and firearm must be maintained.
  • Creates a firearm-related injury and death prevention account to fund a program through the Department of Health.
  • Basically create a government program much like the NRA’s safety programs.

So overall they want to tax us more because the government is going to somehow do something that the private sector already does.  Last I checked, people were funneling money into the NRA in droves, mainly for the legislative reasons currently.  I would think if our legislators were smart they would leave our rights alone so the NRA could focus on safety and youth programs.

Now I mentioned that there were other taxes.  The bill as written just says it will add new sections meaning current taxes will remain in place.  Washington has a use tax which is equivalent to your local sales tax.  So if you buy a firearm off of gun-broker, technically the FFL is supposed to collect a use tax of fair market value at the sale and the 25 dollar fee would be then added to it.

A note on that fee, due to federal law, all new firearms sold must come with a gun lock, so for any new firearm the default fee will be $15.00.

Gun safes however will remain tax exempt in Washington.

Moving forward, we have Federal Excise taxes on firearms that applies up the food chain instead of directly to the consumer.  These rates and affected items are fully defined here.  Here is a small table to give you the outline:

  • Pistols – 10%
  • Revolvers – 10%
  • Other Firearms – 11%
  • Shells and Cartridges – 11%

Remember these are taxes that are applied to the manufacturer or importer.  They are already integrated into the price of your item before you get them. 

So lets look at an example firearm, the Springfield XDm.

Lets say the firearm is sold to the distributor at $490 dollars.  The need to however collect a 10% excise on that so add an additional $49 dollars to the price.  The distributor then marks up 6% to turn a profit making the sale to the retailer $571.34.  Then the retailer to make a profit for himself will give himself some percentage, lets say 6%, making the price to you the consumer: $605.62.  But now under this new law we need to add in the 15 dollar fee, plus the state sales tax.  It isn’t clear which side the fee goes on, but knowing it’s the government sales tax will be the last thing computed.  This makes the final price out the door just for the firearm at a sales tax of 7.8%: $669.03.

Lets break out how much of that goes to the government shall we?

$49.00 in Federal Excise tax.  In the end yes you the consumer does pay for it, don’t be fooled.

$15.00 in the new Fee.

$48.41 in sales tax.

So if you pull all those fees and taxes and recalculate up the chain, (your distributor cost will shift), the actual price without government interference is: $550.57.  But lets go ahead and ad sales tax back in, that’s applied to everything else you buy.  Your total comes out to be: $593.51.

Think about that, you’re paying damn near an extra $80 bucks in taxes and fees on a relatively low priced gun.

But now you need ammunition to go in that gun, two 50 round boxes of 9mm.

Lets from manufacturer sells the ammo at $0.30 a round.  So for a 50 round box it’s $15.00 plus the 11% excise tax.  Bringing the total to $16.65. Then we have distributor and dealer markup bringing the total to $18.71.  But, you need to also pay an extra 50 cents per box for the new fee.  Then add in sales tax, it’s $20.71 per box.  Given it’s two boxes that’s $41.42 in ammo, or $0.41 cents a round.

So what are the cuts for taxes:

Federal Excise: $1.65

New Fee: $0.50

Sales Tax: $1.50

That’s an extra $3.65 per box.  Per round it’s an additional $0.073 per round.

Tell me, why do we keep piling taxes on a right?  Is it to try and cause people to not want to exercise it due to financial burden? 

This bill needs to get shut down.  It is nothing more than an additional burden on gun owners and for what?  A government run program which will be an unsuccessful knock off of a program many of us already fund through the NRA.  Thanks but no thanks.  I’d rather just keep sending that money to the NRA to help support gun safety and gun rights.  It’s an additional unnecessary burden veiled as doing something good.

If our representatives really want to improve safety, they would write legislation to encourage, not mandate, things like Eddie the Eagle in schools along with other programs to teach children how to safely and responsibly handle firearms.  The wouldn’t threaten our rights allowing us  to focus funds and effort on safety programs.

Now, yes you should contact your state representatives about this bill.  While doing so, also encourage them to support this bill.

AN ACT Relating to adopting the Washington state firearms freedom act of 2013 and establishing penalties; amending RCW 43.06.220; adding a new chapter to Title 19 RCW; creating a new section; and prescribing penalties.

If your representative is one of the sponsors, I have noticed one flaw with this bill, there is not a “Severability Clause”.  This means that if part of the act is struck down as unconstitutional the whole act is struck.  That’s bad.  Call their attention to it and ask them to amend the bill.

Let’s multi-task folks.  If we’re going to have to spend time contacting our legislators fighting against one bill, we might as well call for them to support a different one at the same time.  This will help force our opponents to also actually have to expend resources as bills gain traction.

Currently I’m reading through all 58 bills introduced this year pertaining to “firearms”, as I find more I’ll give a heads up.