Quote of the Day – Massad Ayoob (3/5/2013)

The gun allows the poor and powerless to protect themselves as well as the rich and powerful. It is axiomatic in our country that any citizen should be able to become President. A poor kid raised by his grandparents recently did so, and got re-elected.  He and his family are surrounded by Secret Service agents with high cartridge capacity firearms. Us ordinary po’ folks don’t have heavily armed security guards provided by taxpayer funding to guard us and our families like Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel, or Michael Bloomberg.  How sad and ironic that the poor kid who grew up to be President doesn’t want your potential-future-President kids to be protected as his own potential-future-President children are.

Equality. Freedom. Guns.

Yes, they all do belong in the same sentence.

(Emphasis Mine.)
Massad Ayoob – Guns And Equality
March 4th, 2013

[First go RTWT, it’s short and honestly worth the time.  Second I couldn’t agree more with his final statement.  Those three words belong together, the last word allows you to shield and protect the first two.

I am always amazed that some consider firearms as being an un-equalizer.  Often those who do have made a choice not to carry and look for an excuse for where to lay blame.  A gun is merely a tool and a quite effective one at that.  While some may use it for evil, many more use it for good.  The physical prowess of the operator though is much more diminished, while one could say that allows someone to more easily embrace a life of crime, the same could be said about allowing a small weaker person fend off a larger stronger person.

It’s all about perspective and our opponents focus on the criminal as if the gun causes the crime, completely disregarding all of those who would have been maimed or killed fending off their attackers.

One side wants everyone to be equal and have a choice in the tools for their defense.  Others want to dictate the choice of tools, last I checked, dictating terms isn’t a sign of someone who thinks the other is their equal. -B]


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