SSCC #539-#540: Miami

Malinsky Bazile, a young Miami police officer, pocketed about $140,000 over the past two years — but not in salary for his patrol duties, authorities say.

While on duty, Bazile ran the names of more than 1,000 people in the state driver’s license database, according to a criminal complaint. Then he took their personal information and filed bogus federal income-tax returns, all to score stolen refunds.

Remember though they need all that information to do their job and it couldn’t possibly be used for wrong.  Seriously those two took identity theft to a whole new level where honestly there’s no way to stop it.

Welcome to the world of the police state.  Where the police can ruin your life whenever they want and you are left to clean up the mess.

State Sponsored Criminal #539: Malinsky Bazile

#540: Vital Frederick

Because ultimately being a police officer means that you can rob and ruin the life of whoever you want merely because of the information available at your fingertips.*

*If you don’t know what I’m talking about.  The IRS has ruined the lives of victims of this type of identity theft.

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