Sometimes they’re brutally honest

@Drake_Reinhardt @soderstromk@crazytrkdriver2 Yes. A rapist should be punished appropriately, not killed. It’s called justice. –Evan Olcott

Preserved for eternity


Yeah I saw a flurry on twitter and after that pile of horse crap, I did get involved.  The guy those is the classic case of Peterson Syndrome.

Best part is he kept saying self-defense was ok, but we shouldn’t kill anyone.  Tell me, what is the most effective method to stop an attacker.  As said before shooting someone merely starts a timer.  The shortest timer is smacking them in the face which is darn near instantaneous.  Center of mass causing massive blood loss is also quick, but also fatal.

Feel free to go pay that rapist supporting woman-hater a visit on twitter.  Remember though, supposedly it is me who hates women for wanting them to get training and empower them to be independent and fight off those who would do them harm.  He admitted he had never been raped but he is more than willing to force his morality and views on real victims.

He focuses on his dream “utopia” of training men not to rape as if evil is merely a learned trait.  Instead I teach women to defend themselves to make rapists lose interest and not want to harm women in general.  Too bad most rapists do it because of a control fixation.

Would it be great if evil didn’t exist, you bet your ass, but as long as we exist, the strong will attempt to prey upon the weak and I want the weak to have every advantage for their own survival at their disposal.

I can’t believe this crap, it makes me sick.  Doubly so since I constantly hear how I’m the problem with women’s rights and some how I cause a lack of respect towards women or endanger them.

Language Warning:

Why do I teach and encourage women people to get the tools and training to defend themselves?  Because FUCK rapists criminals that’s why.

*Evan Olcott, the internet is forever and your general hate and disrespect for women and rape victims shall be remembered forever you sick horrible excuse for a human being.

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6 Responses to Sometimes they’re brutally honest

  1. Erin Palette says:

    You know what? I agree with him, although he and I will disagree on the implementation. A rapist *shouldn’t* be killed, because that’s letting him off easy; he should be raped in exactly as brutal a manner as he raped his victim. It’s called lex talionis, aka “an eye for an eye,” and it’s the most ancient form of justice known to humanity. Let the predator live with the fear, the violation, and the physical aftereffects the rest of his life.

    Of course, punishment is after the fact, as you well know. Death is an effective rape preventative and I’m all for that, too.

  2. Jake says:

    I replied to him with a quote from Roberta X.

    Defending yourself is not a matter of “punishment.” You’re not out to correct your assailant’s behavior, you’re wanting to stop it, as quickly and effectively as possible, with the least collateral damage. Whatever does that is what you should do.

    I had to edit that to fit into two tweets, but I think I got the core across – that self-defense and punishment are completely and totally unrelated.

    It boggles my mind that some people seem to actually confuse the two.

    • Barron says:

      It was funny to watch him try and separate himself from his meaning after he made that statement. I was astonished that anyone would dare write that, and it could be he’s just not smart enough to understand that words have meaning, and making a statement like that has meaning.

      As the debate went on it was obvious though he wanted the victim to do their best not to kill the attacker. Sorry, the role of restraint belongs to the attacker, not the victim. The victim can and should do everything immediately necessary to ensure their safety and survival. Consequences to the aggressor are not their problem.

  3. Windy Wilson says:

    Barron is right.The concept Drake Reinhardt and Evan Olcott are wrestling with is “Vigilantism” or “Lynch Law”, where the crime occurred at some unspecified time in the past, who commited the crime is known, and others go to some location where the criminal is, and, in the case of the crime with Drake and Evan’s sympathies, kill the man. This is a completely different situation than self-defense, where the violence in response is uncorked at the same time as the predatory violence we supposedly all agree is bad. But then, this is a nuance of behavior completely lost on Leftists,

  4. Windy Wilson says:

    Jake, the difference between “self-defense” and “justice” is just the sort of “nuance” Leftists and Democrats, “the party of nuance” should be good at detecting. Sadly, they are not.

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