Quote of the Day – Gray P. (1/21/2015)

Someone kept saying that gay people can get away with more and it be viewed as a good thing politically.

One thing that these morons don’t understand is that the gay community has their Carnivale at the Pride Parades. Though it’s mostly normal and mostly worksafe, certain floats are risque to say the least.

What’s the difference? Those risque floats are in downtown Seattle, or even downtown Olympia, but it’s NOT AT THE STATE FREAKING CAPITOL DURING THE LEGISLATIVE SESSION.

When gay people and their allies lobbied, they were normal every day people. Even the ones who wore the freaky costumes every pride came out, properly dressed like normal people.

Why? Because their rights were at stake.

(emphasis mine)
Gray P. – Facebook thread
January 20, 2015

[Gray nailed that son of a bitch so hard I think the ball is no permanently in LEO. I’ve heard many people compare the two communities and while there is definitely room for comparison there are some statements made that don’t translate.

Having friends active in both communities is wonderfully educational. Doubly so if you’re going to try to learn from the other in methods to fight for liberty.

Perspective is always important, especially with regards to lessons already learned elsewhere. -B ]

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5 Responses to Quote of the Day – Gray P. (1/21/2015)

  1. Archer says:

    Well put, both of you!


  2. Old NFO says:

    Yep, both points are well made…

  3. Jake says:

    It’s also worth noting that when the Pride Parades, etc. got started, the “look normal and respectable” approach wasn’t making any progress. Not even slow, incremental progress. In contrast, the “look normal and respectable” approach in the gun rights arena is making substantial forward progress.

    In any civil rights movement, there is a time and place for both methods. But as a general rule, the “in your face” approach has a greater chance of backfiring and slowing, stopping, or even reversing any gains that have been made.

  4. Alpheus says:

    Even having such a parade downtown rather than at the Capitol can cause problems: I’m reminded of the Onion article about how the Gay Rights movement was set back fifty years by their parade.


    Having said that, the Open Carry equivalent of “Parades in downtown” only gave us lukewarm statements from companies asking us politely to leave our guns at home…