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SSCC #439 – Maricopa

This isn’t the first time that Maricopa County has ended up in the count.  This time though it’s just as disturbing as the first incident.

The ABC15 Investigators have obtained court records, documents and a judge’s ruling that show the jury was set to hear how key evidence in the case of Deborah Braillard was lost, deleted or “destroyed” by MCSO in an attempt to cover up the death of a Valley mother.

Jennifer Braillard filed the lawsuit after her mother Deborah was left to die in a Maricopa County jail.

Oh it is exactly as bad as it seems, rage barely begins to describe my feelings when I saw this:

During three agonizing days in custody at the Estrella Jail, she was deprived of insulin and denied medical care despite pleas from fellow detainees.

By the time she was rushed to the hospital, Deborah Braillard had slipped into a diabetic coma.

As expected the jailers claimed they were never informed and all evidence that would prove they were was lost or destroyed.  Amazing how that happens isn’t it?

State Sponsored Criminal #439: John Doe

Because instead of just killing someone you can let them slowly die and suffer from their medical condition.  Then if anyone asks you can just claim you didn’t know and destroy the evidence you did.

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SSCC #22–Maricopa County

More details on the incident can be read about here.  Honestly I’m at a loss for words. That video makes me want to drive down to Maricopa county and put my boot up sheriff Joe’s ass given the abuse exhibited by that department.  This is by no means the first incident like this and it most definitely will not be the last either.  Given their use of no-knock warrants and the belief that the cop has more of a right to his life than a law abiding citizen, there’s no doubt more people are going to be tortured to death at the hands of Joe Aripaio’s thugs.

Normally I would expand further, but that video is pretty much self explanatory.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 22

Because every corrections officer should be allowed to torture and kill an inmate who is no immediate threat without fear of punishment.

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SSCC #203–Maricopa County

David Chadd, a CNN iReporter from Las Vegas, was among the crowd shopping for video games set up in the Walmart’s grocery section. He said Newman “was not resisting” arrest as he was led away from the crowd by a police officer.

That officer, Chadd said, then suddenly hooked the suspect around the leg, grabbed him and “slammed him face first into the ground.”

There were a lot of incidents over Black Friday.  I question what initially happened, however given how hectic Black Friday is I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.  The officers in this instance were looking to make a show of force.

State Sponsored Criminal Count #203: John Doe

Because when someone is cooperative the proper response is to throw their ass into the ground.