Windows Live Writer

So during the conversation with Joe last night some other things came up including Windows Live Writer.  My blogging lately has been a little lighter than usual because I’ve gotten tired of fighting Word 2007 and getting my images and video embedded.  Often this would result in me doing A LOT of work by hand.  It’s not difficult but time consuming.  Well, as late as I got home last night I went and grabbed Windows Live writer.

Setup was a breeze, for the most part.  My issue was a bunch of features I know my blog supports, but Writer doesn’t see them?  Quick search of the internet reveals there’s a Windows Live Writer plugin for Drupal.  Drop it in, enable, BAM everything is working.

I must say this is the ultimate is WYSIWYG editing, even more than that, it doesn’t do the weird formatting problems that word would do when posting through the BlogAPI.  Both of the previous posts today have been through WLW however I didn’t let it go fully hog wild.  I normally would post a draft and then do a final review before sending a post live.  The one thing I have discovered that doesn’t seem to be working correctly yet is the meta words that I tie into every post.  Categories are working correctly, but alas the important tags for the search engines are not.  At least that is a very simple and easy thing to take care of.

One thing I absolutely love is how easy it is to use pictures from online, including from other services such as flicker.  I however have a photography blog where I post hobby pictures I’ve done.  Tied to that site I run a Gallery for putting my pictures on.  To make life easy I prefer to just upload all my pictures there.  WLW makes that cake to do so.

Hopefully this wonderful little tool will allow me to write more blog posts in the evenings now.  If you haven’t tried Windows Live Writer I highly suggest you give it a spin.

A picture of the hill at the Boomershoot site I took yesterday.

This is all sorts of AWESOME!

I’m really freaking hungry after watching this.

I think I may have to throw a party this summer and make one these. I’m sure I have some friends that would help.

H/T to Corina

Now that’s Awesome!

Son, don’t go pointing guns at people unless you mean it!

Do you want fries with that gunshot wound to the leg?

That is what one Arkansas would-be robber may have been asked, as the Burger King worker he allegedly tried to holdup Monday grabbed the gun and fired it right back at him.

Good for the store clerk, may she get exactly what she wants for Christmas this year. A note to her boyfriend if she has one, she’s a keeper!

Those Whacky Squirrels

So TMW and I were sitting on the couch and she was rolling through the blogs and came across this from RNS. After she reaches the end and busts up laughing she tosses the laptop to me and says read.

I had a couple different comments for different things. First was that the whole thing revolved around remaining in “condition yellow“. Second was that when something unforeseen like this happens the first order of business is not to panic; no matter how much it hurts. Third that was the most awesome possible result when he finally got rid of the squirrel. I say the squirrel sailed into the cruiser because of Karma(we were watching My Name Is Earl). My last comment was, “People wonder why I prefer to shoot the bastards with as much distance between me and them, THAT’S WHY!” Not to mention the fact that hitting them when they’re further away is considerably harder.

I must say though, for the rider at least it wasn’t a pack like this. Best way to deal with squirrels like that is to make clouds of pink mist. Maybe it is my philosophy on dealing with squirrels that has kept any from showing up around my house.

I had someone ask if I realized that was a story. The answer is yes, doesn’t mean you can’t glean anything from it. Besides, at Philmont those squirrels were down right freaking evil, wouldn’t surprise me if a squirrel attacked someone. Also I’d probably let that squirrel live, any squirrel that freaked out two cops that much is OK in my book.

Boomershoot 2010 Video and Report

Boomershoot 2010 was awesome and a lot of fun. I don’t know exactly why, but I ended up shooting the opening fireball for the shoot. Laurel from Politics Guns and Beer was there along with an entourage of help. I spent some time behind the rifle, but I spent more time educating and making sure others had a blast. And I’m glad to say, it appears they did have a great time.

The high intensity(video) shoots were fun as usual; feeling the boomers go off rattles your soul from head to toe always puts a smile on my face. The dinner though was a great social hour.

Oleg Volk

Oleg was there along with Laurel, Mike and Abigail.


As well as some friends from my days back in scouts. I told them I was going to put this pic online and I’m a man of my word. For those who don’t know, yes I’m an Eagle Scout and the reason I carry is to “Be Prepared.”

Mike, Andy, and Robert

We had a wonderful dinner which raised $2000 in raffle tickets. Half of which went straight to Soldiers’ Angels. The other half is put into a raffle lottery split into 10%, 10%, and 30%. David won the $600 which he then stated that he was going to make a $1000 donation to Soldiers’ Angels when he got home. Thank you David.

Overall it was yet another awesome year at Boomershoot, with a great reminder of how great the people are who participate. I hope to see you all again next year.


Boomershoot 2009 Video Mash-up

As I finally was able to process the video for blogger day, I spent today doing the video for the event as a whole. I used the high intensity event as the main filler while showing all the different pieces of Boomershoot. Enjoy!

Boomershoot 2009

Last weekend was Boomershoot 2009. Best 5 day vacation I’ve had in a long time. I even grabbed a high def video camera just for it. The next couple days I’m going to slowly start posting stories and I’ll post video as I clean it up and edit it. Why must I edit it you ask, the full high-intensity video is a whopping 768 megs. The anvil and failed fire ball are 1.2 gigs. I do have a video of the successful fireball that we did on Thursday.

Pictures will also be posted slowly but surely as well. I have very limited internet currently. It’s on my laundry list of things to do, but at the top is finishing moving.

Here’s a pic from the anvil launch.

Anvil Shot

And here’s the fireball from Thursday.

It was 3 seconds of pure awesomeness followed by 20 minutes of firefighting. I wish I had my camera on a tripod and caught the whole episode. In hindsight it was fun I guess, at the time though it was a little scary. We had all forgotten about Joe’s post on Sunday.