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Today’s Public Service Announcement

This applies to everyone but I was reminded by a post from a friend.  Which is a good post, the video is worth it, even though there’s the odd black bars on the left and right.  Just remember for next time. 😉

Voice for blogging, please… It’s Kevin Baker who has the face for radio and the voice for for print.  He stated it, I will not necessarily agree with his assessment, but A Girl is much more pleasing to the eyes and ears without a doubt, despite what she thinks.

Occam’s Razor…

I am so glad to know I’m not the only one who has watched that movie and had the same thoughts.

Friday Pick Me Up

I like me some dark black humor and that was a good jab at the current situation.

A friend who’s still a student told me last night he brought his 22 lr from home to plink with.  I chuckled and said, “You have 22 for it right.”  He didn’t realize the crunch had tightened the noose around even 22 ammo.

I don’t know how long this crunch is going to hold out, but I can tell you I am watching bulletin boards for the moment when guys start trying to sell ammo to make a mortgage payment.

Your Friday Afternoon Laugh

Not sure why, but this just struck a chord with me.

Also Bitter has an interesting note regarding our opponents and their refusal to believe how united our side of the fight is.  There’s a post I want to do regarding the ESOS incident and just haven’t had a chance to write it up yet.  Not to mention I have a couple other ideas rumbling around for posts yet but keep getting distracted.

Keep up the fight folks, we’re not out of the woods yet, not even close.  To those paying attention though, our resolve is more than they expected to see.

Quote of the Day–Unknown (01/06/2013)

I felt that in my balls.


For full context:

[Yeah, that was awesome and I’m sure he did.  Funny story about that…

For you see, when I was about 4 years old my dad took me to an airshow.  This the day after I broke my ankle by repeatedly doing something stupid.  It was probably about the 10th time that I broke it but I digress.

You see it wasn’t a major break, didn’t swell up, I could still walk on it, it just hurt.  So when my dad took me to the airshow the next day I just rode around on his shoulders everywhere.  None of us knew it was broken until the next day when I had X-rays because it wasn’t getting better.

At some point during the day, I’m sitting on my dads shoulders and I point to the horizon.  Coming in just above the deck are two A-6’s hauling ass like there’s no tomorrow.    The go directly over us so close I could swear I could touch them.  If you’ve never seen a jet do a flyby it is loud and you can feel that through your whole body.

So there I am, sitting on my fathers shoulders, A-6’s are hauling ass over head and I am a small boy with no verbal filter.  Does anyone want to guess what kind of statement I made?  Anyone?  Bueller?

I said the following once the jets were far enough away:

Daddy, that made my penis tingle!

Before my dad even has a chance to erupt into laughter, the woman standing in front of him turns around and gives this nasty glare and says, “Sir, are you going to correct your son?”

To why my dad then replies along the lines of, “Why?  It’s the correct response for the son of a naval flight officer, and that boy knows what he likes!”

Yeah, I hated that story growing up… It was one of my dad’s favorites, I have since begun  to appreciate it and understand why. ~sigh~ –B]

This has awesome written all over it…

So here’s something fun and distracting besides all the normal depressing stuff going on right now.

And here’s part 2:

Your Evening LOL

If only real life was like this…

I fell over at the Yoga achievement. And lets not forget about AFT: