Quote of the Day – rstoddart(06/14/2012)

I am an Engineer,
My job is to make things work.
To save lives, increase productivity, and make the future.
I deal with facts, numbers, and calculations.
My work is to avoid the impossible, and find the loophole in the limits of materials and systems.
Anything you want that interferes with above, I cannot abide.

I am not here to be your friend.

rstoddart Comment to this comic.


[Seriously all I can think with that is truth

On more than one occasion I have said something that has hurt someone’s feelings because well, if I didn’t it would violate the above.  If I’m curt or think that what I said was unbelievably mean, read the above and understand it’s not necessarily you, it’s just your brain and the ideas it creates. -B]

Quote of the Day – Tam (06/12/2012)

Eric Holder announced that he was shocked, shocked! to find that there
were leaks of classified information from the Obama administration, and
he would investigate it immediately.
I have no idea how the newscaster read that line with a straight face;
this is like expecting the minister for Reich security in 1940s Germany
to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Jews.

Tam… and now the news

June 12, 2012

[Yeah, the guy who ignored the voter intimidation by the black panthers; the guy who is currently being investigated for Fast and Furious, who may be charged with contempt; is going to investigate his buddy about leaks of classified information?  Did I wake up in a parallel universe?  Because they may utter those lies but we all know they’re lying. 

Politicians and used car salesmen what do they have in common?

You can tell they’re lying when you see their lips flapping.  -B]

Quote of the Day–Ry Jones

I feel 20% more gay from just looking at it. – Ry Jones

[Ry said this after seeing the bag of Confetti for testing. We chose to try the confetti on a suggestion from BredaThis was her reasoning, this was my response.  I think with Ry’s comment both glitter and confetti are equally bad. It ended up the Mylar confetti was just as bad at getting everywhere, and it did NOTHING to improve the visual effects.]


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Picked up the mail tonight and on the top was this…


I have a BSEE from a four year university, my focus areas were DSP and Power Systems.  Where did they get my info, and why do they think I need one of their certifications?  I just started laughing as I read it, and continue to laugh every time I see it.  I actually ended up with an awesome job before I even graduated, and I had offers outside the area too.  Not only was the job I took awesome, it became even more awesome recently, however due to the disclaimer I shall leave it at that.  The only thing I can think of is they want me to get an MBA which makes me want to laugh more.  I have a couple other professional goals on my plate, after which I will go an get my masters slowly (if I feel it still worth it).  My masters however is going to be in another engineering field.

QotD 01-03-2011, Alan Andrews

And may I take a moment to say how much I hate Garageband? It was nothing but a huge crash and fail fest trying to edit this 6 hour disaster. I will never forgive you for Garageband, Apple. Never.

Alan Andrews

[I don’t know why, but I just found that statement absolutely hilarious. –B ]

CIA creates a new taskforce

The CIA created a new taskforce today to asses the impact of WikiLeaks. The new task force is the WikiLeaks Task Force, or WTF for short.

Finally they use an acronym that describes exactly what everyone is thinking!

Quote Of The Day Newbius, 05122010

Libertarian Terrorists? You mean those guys who want to take over, then leave you alone? – Newbius

[This made me laugh because when it comes to true Libertarians, it’s true! The idea of liberty is very terrifying to some people for some reason. Still haven’t quite figured out why. -B]