It’s All a Matter of Perspective

There are many who say they have never won anything in their life.  Even more than that they claim they never came in first place.

Well I beg to differ.

I’m totally doing this…

So on my way to a meeting this morning I was talking with some coworkers and the subject of these stupid decals came up.

I said it was stupid, explained why and hit the end with the classic comment of,

My family walks single file to hide our numbers.

I am not the only one to agree with that sentiment.  Then I had an epiphany and said the following immediately there after.

Me: You know something though, they have those zombie decals and I would totally put those on my rig….

Coworker: But you just said it was stupid and listed off numerous valid concerns.

Me: I never said it would be representative of my family.

Coworker: What the hell would it be then?

Me: Confirmed Kills.

Considering CSGV’s current decent into PSH over the zombie meme(link safe), I seriously will put them on my truck once I get my hands on some.

Life Imitates the Movies

Usually the movies imitate life, but in this case I think not.

The Madagascar movie series is hilarious, but I never thought I would hear about an escape that sounded like it came from that movie.  Well here it is:

Hoffmann said the kangaroos got out of their enclosure after a young fox snuck into the park and dug a hole next to the cage’s fencing. Two of the three were then able to escape the park entirely through another hole dug by a wild boar under the exterior fence.

The only way this could have been better is if it had been penguins* that did the tunnel digging.

Madagascar – Smile and Wave
Get More: Madagascar – Smile and Wave

*FYI if you don’t know, the wife and I both love penguins.

Today has been one of those days…

Yup, I still have it.  It’s so nice when I can take one look at something and fix it without even really thinking about it.

Stupid Should Hurt (Your Morning Laugh)

So Jay G posted this video and I’m sure there are a few of you who won’t find this funny.  Watch the video and then let me explain, my sympathy meter is as low as possible.

You can watch the video here in case embedding fails.

You watched it all the way through right?  Up till the end where you could tell she was walking around.  What we all just saw was the epitome of a lazy person.  There is no lazier person in the world, too lazy to walk, too lazy to read, so lazy and in a rush that she didn’t want to take the elevator.  Instead she goes and tries to balance her scooter on the escalator and fails.

I am at a loss for words since sadly Jay G is right that this woman probably will get a settlement for her negligence, but it’s a stark reminder that there is stupid in this world.  Not only is there stupid, but there is always going to be a bigger idiot.

Who know’s, maybe she’s done it many times before and this time she pushed her luck.  This woman is lucky she walked away from her moment of stupidity and all that she will have is a blow to her pride and probably a larger bank account.

Either way, I got a good laugh out of it because I’m sure it hurt as it rolled over.  Why am I laughing, because frankly, stupid should hurt.

*As an FYI for those who would dare to tell me I don’t know what it’s like to be confined to a wheelchair, listen carefully.  Shut the hell up, you don’t know me or my history.  I spent 2 months confined to a wheel chair non-weight bearing in both legs.  So yeah, been there, done that, got the freaking t-shirt.

Update:  Email from “The Short Lady With The Grey Hair” (otherwise known as my mom).

I saw a quick take on the news but was sidetracked and missed the entire episode.  BOSTON—should have known.  She better not get compensation; if anything she should be fined.  Anyone who is so stupid as to try to take a motorized wheelchair—or non-motorized wheelchair—up an escalator does not have sufficient operating brain cells to be using the wheelchairs unaccompanied.  Brain dead stupid!

I was laughing as I read that, mainly because she’s right.

Looks Like Somebody’s Got A Case Of The Monday’s

See the disclaimer as always.  But I had to admit I laughed about the following:

Heck none of us could figure out how the hell he was so effectively able to jump the curb, both front and rear, and make it through the bushes.  Even more entertainingly, it appears they had left their car to go in to work.  I guess they just figured they’d take care of it later.

Most entertainingly though was the email sent out about it:

There is a white Buick License Plate XX XXXXX that has gone over the parking lot curb into the bushes just above XXXX. Facilities has been notified as well.

I love how it was the equivalent of, “You Left Your Lights On.”.  I put my truck into a ditch, but at least it made sense with it being wet clay.  This was a paved parking lot with a curb and everything.  The WTF factor is strong with this one.

Here’s more pictures:

Today’s Lesson In Electronics…


Hey, I thought it was funny.  Besides how else do you think they get made?  I know the answer to that question and I think when it comes to most people, just look at the picture and believe it.  It’s not that far off from doping, which is how it’s really done.

via Facebook

Evidently I have a Staff

You know, while browsing for news and stuff through Google it can be a bit disconcerting when you see what’s to your left.

I never knew I had a staff?  Where does my staff work?  I would really like to meet them because I would like to make sure their picks and interests would reflect me and my name well.

It would be nice thought to have a staff to help me publish content on the blog.  You know at least an editor to review my stuff.  Supposedly I have one but I have yet to meet him or receive comments on anything I have written.

Wonder if  there’s someone out there pretending to be me… Who ever this Barron character is, he sounds quite fishy and I wouldn’t trust him.

*If you’re not laughing or at least chuckling, I have to wonder what is wrong with you.  I know about Barron’s business magazine, obviously you need to work on your sense of humor!