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There’s a reason this happened in NYC.

An unarmed Army National Guardsman was pulled over on a Queens highway and shot to death by an NYPD officer from an elite unit today — and the DA now is probing the incident that the victim’s friend is calling a case of police “road rage.”

Noel Polanco, 22, had his hands on the steering wheel of his 2012 Honda Fit moments before Detective Hassan Hamdy shot him once in the torso, a woman sitting in the front passenger seat told police, NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said.

Reading the article it appears the officer had no reason to treat the stop as a felony stop.  He then broke two rules obviously and put a round into the driver.  Yup, still think the cops are out to protect and serve.  They’re out to merely protect their own ass if they’re protecting anyone.

Odds are the officer won’t be fired and if anything will receive “training”.  I have a feeling the training is really, “How to frame the situation better in your favor.”

The reason I say it happened in NYC, is here in free America they would be afraid of people in the car being armed and shooting back after the first shot.

State Sponsored Criminal #425:  Hassan Hamdy

Because if you’re a cop and someone cuts you off, pull him over and shoot him.  If anyone asks what happened say he shot himself!*

*Yes, read the article, the officer told his friends that the driver shot himself…

SSCC #370 Update–NYPD

After Mayor Numb Nut decided to tout how great his officers were and how they are the only ones that should be anointed with the ability to carry firearms, barring even the national guard, I felt this update was fitting.

A former NYPD officer was sentenced to 15 and a half years in prison for stealing firearms from his fellow officers to sell to a drug ring.

But that’s all sorts of impossible given the fact that firearms are heavily regulated and he has stated that his officers are special!  If it was all a misunderstanding and this man was truly and upright and just LEO wouldn’t the jury have found him not guilty?

State Sponsored Criminal #370: Nicholas Mina

Because only the NYPD should have guns, that way the criminals all work for the same person.

SSCC #435&#436: NYPD

The Brooklyn DA and NYPD Internal Affairs are investigating cops caught on tape beating a man wrongly suspected of trespassing in a Crown Heights synagogue, authorities said yesterday.

So the security guard screwed up and called police when he really didn’t need to.  However this is how the cops behaved upon showing up:

To put the icing on the cake.  Here is how the department has responded to the behavior of the officers.

NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said one of the cops involved, a 49-year-old man, “has been placed on modified assignment.”

Yup, business as usual for our anointed overlords.  When they say “To Protect and Serve” they really just are leaving off the hidden word at the end, “Themselves.”

State Sponsored Criminal #435: John Doe

#436: John Doe

Because by all means beat the hell out of someone without actually talking to them first.

SSCC #149-153 – NYPD

Looks like Bloomberg has another loophole to close, called the NYPD loophole.

Five New York Police Department officers smuggled firearms and slot machines they thought were stolen and some even used bolt cutters to pilfer hundreds of boxes of cigarettes from tractor-trailer trucks as part of a 12-person theft ring that was under federal surveillance the entire time, authorities said Tuesday.

Since these officers were caught in a sting operation should I really count them.  The answer is an unequivocal yes.

Arresting fellow law enforcers in a corruption case “is a heartbreaking thing,” Bharara added.

It should be the opposite of heartbreaking.  The reason being is that law enforcement should be leading by example and that anyone willing to violate the law should be held equally accountable.  If Officer Joe Bob, and Plumber Joe Bob should receive the exact same treatment under the law and the prosecutor should feel no pain whatsoever about holding them accountable.  If there’s so many laws that officers are regularly breaking them, maybe the should be pulled off the books if they’re not really there for the public good.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 149: William Masso

150:  John Doe #1

151:  John Doe #2

152:  John Doe #3

153:  John Doe #4

Because smuggling guns is only legal if you’re the ATF or get their permission first.  In that case the guns need to be going to Mexican drug cartels too.

h/t Uncle.

SSCC #157 – NYPD

The unsealed indictments contained more than 1,600 criminal counts, the bulk of them misdemeanors having to do with making tickets disappear as favors for friends, relatives and others with clout. But they also outlined more serious crimes, related both to ticket-fixing and drugs, grand larceny and unrelated corruption. Four of the officers were charged with helping a man get away with assault.

How messed up is that.  Remember we’re all equal under the law unless you know some body.  They’re caught though, how is this really a fully sponsored criminal I hear you ask.  Well for starters they haven’t all been fired yet.  Second:

A three-year investigation into the police’s habit of fixing traffic and parking tickets in the Bronx ended in the unsealing of indictments on Friday and a stunning display of vitriol by hundreds of off-duty officers, who converged on the courthouse to applaud their accused colleagues and denounce their prosecution.

All I can say is fire them.  Fire every last stinking one of them.  Unequal application of the law is the first sign of tyrrany.  They felt that the law didn’t apply to their family or friends as it does apply to the rest of the public.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 157: NYPD – This is a blanket because they feel it’s their right to do this.  There’s too damn many to count.

Because being a police officer means not only do you enforce the law, but you decide who the law applies to.


An NYPD officer has been arrested in connection with a months-long firearms trafficking investigation after he allegedly stole guns from his precinct to be sold on the street and arranged drug buys while on duty, authorities said.

Remember this is New York City where only the anointed are worthy of carrying firearms and even then ownership is difficult.  Given these facts and he was obviously supplying arms to criminals to prey upon those disarmed by the state, it counts.

State Sponsored Criminal #370: Nicholas Mina

Because when you have a drug habit and are a cop, that just means you have a ready supply of stuff to sell on the black market.


I saw this last week and I kept trying to come up with something to put with it and then a reader bumped it to me over the weekend.  This one is just disturbing in so many ways.

A New York City police officer who allegedly planned to kidnap, cook and eat as many 100 women has been arrested following a joint NYPD and FBI investigation.

This one makes the count because of the following:

Gilberto Valle III, of Forest Hills, Queens, was charged with one count of conspiracy to commit kidnapping, according to a federal criminal complaint, as well was using the National Crime Information Center database to access unauthorized data.

This is why I have serious issues with databases created even with the most noble of intentions.  Just because the intent is good at the beginning or even the majority of users doesn’t mean that it cannot be turned by one individual set upon evil.  The details are just sickening.

It makes me wonder if he came across this(NSFW, Not Safe For Work, seriously do NOT click at work!  What can I say? GBC has corrupted me.) and didn’t realize that was all fake.

This is disturbing and sickening on so many levels.

State Sponsored Criminal #444: Gilberto Valle

Because the state exists to enable criminals and cannibals to find their unwitting victims to prey upon.

via Lone Wanderer for the reminder.


In February 2008, Burgos bought a Hydra-Ram II hydraulic pump, which police and firefighters use to break down doors in emergencies, and gave it to the leader of a “violent robbery crew,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office said in announcing the sentence.

Basically he was the equivalent of the ATF in Operation Gunwalker.  He was supplying arms and munitions to known criminals.  He felt that these criminals were exempt since they were only attacking other criminals.

Ends up what was going on is they were executing raids like no-knocks on confirmed dealers and suspected dealers.  Stealing anything and everything they could.

While Burgos didn’t join the gang, he most certainly aided their efforts as well as helped shield them from being caught.

Initially I was going to call this an honorable mention, but this is just another example of just letting someone else do the dirty work for you while you keep their hands clean.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 82

Because you should ignore violent criminals if they’re just attacking other criminals or suspected criminals.  The cash says so.