In February 2008, Burgos bought a Hydra-Ram II hydraulic pump, which police and firefighters use to break down doors in emergencies, and gave it to the leader of a “violent robbery crew,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office said in announcing the sentence.

Basically he was the equivalent of the ATF in Operation Gunwalker.  He was supplying arms and munitions to known criminals.  He felt that these criminals were exempt since they were only attacking other criminals.

Ends up what was going on is they were executing raids like no-knocks on confirmed dealers and suspected dealers.  Stealing anything and everything they could.

While Burgos didn’t join the gang, he most certainly aided their efforts as well as helped shield them from being caught.

Initially I was going to call this an honorable mention, but this is just another example of just letting someone else do the dirty work for you while you keep their hands clean.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 82

Because you should ignore violent criminals if they’re just attacking other criminals or suspected criminals.  The cash says so.

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