SSCC #149-153 – NYPD

Looks like Bloomberg has another loophole to close, called the NYPD loophole.

Five New York Police Department officers smuggled firearms and slot machines they thought were stolen and some even used bolt cutters to pilfer hundreds of boxes of cigarettes from tractor-trailer trucks as part of a 12-person theft ring that was under federal surveillance the entire time, authorities said Tuesday.

Since these officers were caught in a sting operation should I really count them.  The answer is an unequivocal yes.

Arresting fellow law enforcers in a corruption case “is a heartbreaking thing,” Bharara added.

It should be the opposite of heartbreaking.  The reason being is that law enforcement should be leading by example and that anyone willing to violate the law should be held equally accountable.  If Officer Joe Bob, and Plumber Joe Bob should receive the exact same treatment under the law and the prosecutor should feel no pain whatsoever about holding them accountable.  If there’s so many laws that officers are regularly breaking them, maybe the should be pulled off the books if they’re not really there for the public good.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 149: William Masso

150:  John Doe #1

151:  John Doe #2

152:  John Doe #3

153:  John Doe #4

Because smuggling guns is only legal if you’re the ATF or get their permission first.  In that case the guns need to be going to Mexican drug cartels too.

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