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Seattle PD is Out for a Record*

I got another email from Ry this morning.  At this point I firmly believe that Seattle has to be out for some sort of record for most consecutive days in the press.  This doesn’t make the full count as it wasn’t a police officer who committed the crime, but the police stood off to the side.

The man is Michael Lionnel Edwards, also known as Charles Edwards.
According to court documents, Edwards is a member of the Vice Lords gang
and his victims are littered across several states. His criminal
history includes robbery with serious bodily harm in Indiana, assault in
Minnesota, and aggravated assault in North Dakota.

So here we have a known felon with a history so thick that officers would easily see the danger he is.  The woman, while undergoing cancer treatment let this monster in her house as he claimed that he would help her.  All that did was give the wolf entry and her hell soon began.

Instead, Cindy says Edwards took over her life, even changing her locks,
so he could lock her inside. Then, in September of 2010, she was
recovering from surgery when Edwards came home drunk. “He had been
putting a gun in my face.”

When Edwards passed out a girlfriend
warned her, “you can’t come back here, he is going to kill you. When he
comes to he is going to kill you.”

What does she do?  She goes to the police like the media and the state keep telling us to do.  The better to protect us they claim.  They tell her to call 911 and they dispatch officers to the apartment.  Upon arrival at the apartment and discovering he is still there they decided to stand down and leave him be.  A known violent felon who threatened a woman, we’re not going to arrest him.  Now remember the role of the police is to investigate your murder, not protect you.  That said at this point he was breaking the law trespassing as the home owner didn’t want him there anymore.

Instead of removing him from the residence, here’s what happened to the resident.

For the next ten days Cindy, still recovering from surgery, was homeless.

“It was terrible. I had gone there, I had talked to them, I had done everything they had asked me to,” she said. 

Cindy was stuck on the street, living in her car with her dog until Edwards was eventually arrested and convicted.

The department claims if they handle a domestic incident incorrectly there will be a corrective action.  Many of the officers felt personally that the incident was not handled correctly.  The corrective action?

But the Office of Professional Accountability recommended no discipline,
only supervisory intervention. Department command staff overruled,
saying the commander should have used special units like SWAT to arrest
Edwards, rather than leave Cindy homeless.

See those black suited ninjas, they don’t use those in actual dangerous situations.  They just either call in to the criminal and talk him out or just walk off to arrest him later.  The only time any department uses a swat team is for a non-violent offender to harass, intimidate, and kill those who have committed victimless crimes.

Let this be a serious warning to those who would think of letting a stranger into your house.  We often want to believe that people are inherently good however there are wolves out there and you cannot tell who it is you’re letting in your house.  This woman took a promise to help with the bills as a sign of good intentions, sadly it resulted her arrival in hell.

That said, this seems like a classic case of what the police are there for.  Someone was threatening another person, the threats were not idle, and then they were trespassing after the fact.  It was a classic domestic incident given the use of a weapon, which as a felon that’s unpossible, and the police showed up, saw he was there, turned around and left.  The end result was to leave a woman recovering from surgery homeless while letting the armed felon roam free.

So this begs the question, why do we have SWAT teams?  If they aren’t willing to deploy them for incidents such as this why have them?  Are they just trained to kick down the door of a house of the innocent and kill anyone inside?  Are they just trained to shoot the dogs who are in a kennel?

This is a classic demonstration of two principal issues:

  1. You cannot depend on the state for anything.
  2. The armed militarization of the police has nothing to do with catching armed and dangerous criminals.

Remember both those points and draw from it what you will.

*The record comment originated with pyrotek85.

SSCC #190 – #191 – Seatle PD

Video and audio from the scene indicates the officers opened their car
doors briefly and shouted, “Hey. Stop moving.  Hey,” as Jefferson
started to  park his car. The officers shut their doors and drove
forward a few feet, while one officer told the other inside the case
“Just yank ‘em, right out.”

Without even fully assessing the situation they made the determination to use physical force.  Now before you say, “Well maybe it was necessary, he was hiding something.”

After finding no weapons or drugs in Jefferson’s car, SPD arrested him for “obstruction.”

Prosecutors later dropped that charge.

So let me get this straight the officers decided before even really making contact with the suspect to execute a use of physical force.  They then beat this man after pulling him from his car.  After beating him and searching his vehicle and finding nothing they trump a charge to justify the use of force.  Then the department comes and puts the icing on the cake.

“Had they shot him or something of that nature, I think we’d all be
saying that was excessive, but what they did was they took him into
custody, using physical force, no question about that, and he was
injured in the process. I think that’s unfortunate, but it’s not
unreasonable under the circumstances.”

This coming from the same department that did this little incident!?  How in the name of god is that even remotely justifiable.  They had no reasonable expectation to require the use of force at all.  No orders, no commands, just beat the hell out of the guy and we’ll fix it all in post.

State Sponsored Criminal Count:

190: Officer John Doe*

191: Officer John Doe*

Because in this day in age, go to full contact force first without reason or cause.  You can always make up something else later and the Seattle PD will back it up.

*As usual if you get a name please contact me.  I don’t care if they’re undercover cops, it’s getting posted.

SSCC #451–Edmonds

According to charges filed by Snohomish County Deputy Prosecutor Adam Cornell, Lavely contacted the 28-year-old Seattle woman after she allegedly jaywalked on Highway 99 in Edmonds on the night of May 6. Early the next morning, Lavely encountered the same woman while handling a 911 call and placed her in the back of his patrol car.

Yet another officer looking for women while on the job and then preying upon them.

State Sponsored Criminal #451: Daniel Lavely

Because when you see a cute girl you like, just tell her to get in the back of your patrol car, she’ll listen because you’re a cop.

SSCC #333 – DeKalb County

DeKalb County is back again, their previous incidents are here.  I’ve noticed that much of the time bad actions are all within the same area.  Take Seattle PD for example. This incident has holy hell written all over it.

A DeKalb County police officer is under criminal investigation after
being accused of kicking a woman who was almost nine months pregnant,

What was her grievous offense that provoked a response like that from the officer?

Raven Dozier said she was trying to help her brother calm down during a
child custody issue that involved police. She said she started crying
and questioning officers after a Taser gun was used on her brother.

The officer claimed he didn’t know she was pregnant, possible but doubtful, and that she came at him threateningly.  The prosecutors dropped charges against the woman.  It really is telling though given the following.  It ends up though that Jerad Wheeler is the officer from one of the previous incidents in the count.

Two other complaints about use of force have been filed against Wheeler,
including when he allegedly shot a family’s dog after responding to the
wrong address, the report said.

Considering this officer is too stupid to figure out if he’s at the right address and then threatens the home owner, is it really that surprising that he would kick a pregnant woman?  I mean he’s obviously mentally deficient and heaven forbid they actually can someone who love his Authoritah!

If anyone has information on the third complaint mentioned in the article please contact me.  Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three or more times is enemy action.  At this point he’s writing checks his ass can’t cash and obviously should not be employed in law enforcement.  That just means he’ll be promoted and given more Authoritah.

State Sponsored Criminal Count #333: Jerad Wheeler

Because the scowl of a pregnant woman about to pop is so fearsome it requires physical force.  Doubly so if she’s crying since she’s obviously hysterical!

SSCC #240/241–Denver PD

They’re back already.  Between them and Seattle PD I could create a daily feed for just the two of them.  For the departments, being listed here is not a good thing.  If you’re here repeatedly you might want to reevaluate your behavior.  This however leaves no doubt the officers behavior is endorsed.

Two fired Denver Police officers accused of excessive force and lying on reports will get their jobs back after a decision by the Civil Service Commission.

The city fired Devine and Nixon, who were accused of lying on their reports about the incident by making it appear they were defending themselves.

How many things do you have to do blatantly wrong, and illegal I might add, before you are fired for being a bad cop?  Continuing in the article the board was sympathetic to the officers because it felt the chaos of the evening provided an valid excuse.

Pardon me, but I don’t give a crap.  This isn’t the first time someone from Denver PD got caught lying.  Most disturbing is they get back pay as well.  They get paid for sitting on their ass that whole time.  Your tax dollars at work.

There’s a reason I’m siding against the officers here.  The city found enough evidence and grounds to fire the officers.    Couple that with the fact that this isn’t Denver’s first rodeo in the count.

Besides here’s the video:

State Sponsored Criminal Count 240: Ricky Nixon

241: Kevin Devine

via David Wilson

SSCC #34, #35–Fullerton, California

Two separate incidents in the same town.  The first involved a man who suffered from schizophrenia.

For Fullerton, things began spiraling out of control on July 5, when Thomas got into a violent fight with police officers who were responding to reports that someone had been burglarizing cars at a downtown transit station. Thomas, who suffered severe head and neck injuries, was taken off life support on July 10.

The incident was caught on cellphone camera, along with other surveillance cameras.  Currently the city refuses to disclose the names of the individuals involved in the incident.  Interesting that, considering if someone is over the age of 18, they’ll throw that name out no matter how thin the evidence.  As usual they are protecting their own from the black eye they face for their actions.

The second involves a wrongful arrest.

Mam, 35, was accused of jumping on an officer’s back and choking him outside of a bar he and his friends had just left. His criminal attorney, David Borsari, said Mam was actually recording the arrest of his friend on his cell phone when the officer in question knocked the device out of his hand, and wrestled him to the ground where he was arrested.

Another bystander picked up Mam’s phone and captured Mam’s arrest — footage that proves he never attacked an officer, said Borsari.

The officers continued to lie until they were presented with the evidence proving them false.  At which point they claim it was a mistake and ask for a free pass.  This is by no means the first time an officer in the SSCC has attempted to frame an individual and have their life destroyed by the legal system.

There is a common saying, ”Once is happenstance, Twice is coincidence, Three or more is Enemy action.”  Well I don’t believe in coincidence, and there appears to be a definite pattern beginning to emerge, since you have other officers who assisted the primary officers in same crimes.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 35

Because the state has every right to beat someone to death for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or arrest and charge someone on a lie to make them look better.

SSCC #236–Lincoln RI

Officer Edward Krawetz is on trial for allegedly kicking Donna Levesque as she sits handcuffed on the ground.  The kick was caught on video but the defense is arguing that Krawetz was defending himself from further attacks after Levesque kicked him first.

So he’s on trial so is this really an SSCC?

The Lincoln police officer standing trial for allegedly kicking a handcuffed woman at Twin River in 2009 was convicted of assault in 2001.

How nice of the department to hire someone with a prior criminal history of assault into a position where they get qualified immunity a license to beat people.

State Sponsored Criminal Count #236: Edward Krawetz

Because if you like beating the crap out of defenseless people, become a cop, that way you’re immune from punishment.

SSCC #143 – Round Two

Reader Jake posted a comment regarding a continuation of SSCC #143.  It appears that Grubbs has now kidnapped his victim.

A 16-year-old Bedford County girl who has been missing since Sunday
night might be with a former sheriff’s deputy charged with taking
indecent liberties with a child, state police said.

He was released after being charged on a $5,000 bond.  Given the loss of his job, the pending charges, and probable prison time this predator has gone from lurking in the shadows to all out dangerous.

I would also be reasonably sure that the judge issued a no contact order to Grubbs for the victim, yet again showing how pointless that little piece of paper is.  All it does is provide an extra charge to tack on after they zip up the body bag.  I hope in this case they find the young woman safe, but there is no question Grubbs was a rabid predator hiding amongst his prey.

Because being a former cop means life is easier when you’re brought before the bar.  No worries of high bail even with a large amount of evidence, which ensures you can get the hell out of dodge.