SSCC #314-#317 – TSA

The real reason for the war on nouns is to allow our fearless leaders “who know best” to create their own little enterprises in the illicit trades they create.

Two former and two current Transportation Security Administration
employees were accused of allowing large amounts of cocaine and other
drugs to pass through X-ray machines at security checkpoints in exchange
for cash, authorities said Wednesday.

I’m sure there was actually probably more involved, at least in the form of greased wheels.  I am by no means shocked or surprised by this.  At this point I don’t think that disbanding the TSA will be enough.  I’m starting to want someone’s head on a pike.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 314: Naral Richardson

315: John Whitfield

Joy White

317: Capeline

Because being a TSA agent means you can abuse the law abiding while getting pay offs to look the other way when criminals walk by.

SSCC #312 – TSA

Here’s another one.

And a recent incident in Wichita,
Kansas has reinforced that argument, as a four-year-old girl was
apparently subjected to a humiliating ordeal after she hugged her
grandmother while she was waiting in line.

The girl was accused of having a gun and declared a ‘high security threat’,
while agents threatened to shut down the whole airport if she could not
be calmed down.

Seriously, I know exactly why that little girl was abused and assaulted.  Don’t try and argue that wasn’t the case because there’s a couple things you’re forgetting if you think the TSA was right.

  1. The TSA is A Security Theater.
  2. Their batting average in stopping actual threats is 0.
  3. Their employees have a history of being sexual predators and criminals.

On that last point, it isn’t just a history of preying upon adults either.  Children are more often than not prey for these sexual deviants.  If the cost of freedom is a little risk, so be it.  Frankly I’d rather have the option of ventilating some asshat screaming “Allah Akbar” trying to kill us all at 30 thousand feet than have my wife and children violated by a sexual deviant.  They don’t stop actual terrorists, they abuse the law abiding, and now they want to expand to harass you on the way to works?

Fellow bloggers say “Disband the TSA Yesterday”.  I am of the firm opinion that is too good for these jack boots.  I say a good application of tar, feathers, and a rail are all necessary for anyone who works for the TSA.

Some would say I’m wrong in that assessment and that not all TSA agents are bad.  To them I say this:

Not a single other agent in that airport attempted to stop those agents from assaulting and violating that scared little girl.

Not a single official has stated how that incident was wrong and a violation of her rights.

Not a single person did anything to stop it and the agents were allowed to work with impunity by intimidating and scaring others into their will.

Think about that for a second, every last one of those agents in that airport share responsibility and blame for what happened.  Give me a break that a 4 year old clinging onto her grandmother because she’s scared of a tyrannical government, and obviously rightly so, is reason to abuse her.  Anyone who attempts to justify that is nothing more than a pedophile attempting to justify the actions of their buddies.


State Sponsored Criminal Count #312: Every last TSA Agent in Wichita Kansas

Because when a small young girl is terrified of her government, that means that means she must be trying to kill everyone while screaming “Allah Akbar” right?

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SSCC #307 – TSA

This is by no means the first incident of a TSA agent doing this, and it certainly will not be the last.

Cops snared 55 Massachusetts men in a sweeping, multi-agency child
pornography crackdown — including a Transportation Security
Administration officer assigned to Logan International Airport who is
just the latest embarrassment for the troubled federal agency.

Remember though, they’re just abusing you, your family, and you’re children for the safety of everyone.  Never mind the fact that the TSA wouldn’t stop anyone actually intent on bringing down an airplane.  No the whole point is to trash our liberties and freedoms and empower a bunch of criminals to lord over us.

This man I have no doubt got a job as a TSA agent because it gave him access to victims who were unable to refuse and it rendered their parents defenseless.  Again, I have to ask myself why it is I restrain myself from doing violence to people like this.  Oh that’s right I’m better than that and I have to have faith that the state that sponsors these thugs will also hold them accountable.

Yeah, that’s not going to happen either.  One can dream though right?

State Sponsored Criminal Count 307: Jose E. Salgado


Because the real reason the TSA exists is to provide child molesters a way to get their rocks off in a legal manner.

SSCC #306 – TSA

They’re back, this time with an interesting incident.

A TSA screener was arrested at JFK Airport for hurling a cup of hot
coffee at an American Airlines pilot who told her and some colleagues to
tone down a profanity- laced conversation in a terminal, sources said

From the description the conversation was anything but professional.  The pilot requested that they stop it, since they were in uniform and thus representative of their employer.  The agent was less that polite and when he attempted to grab her badge to get her name she responded with a face full of hot coffee.

This is completely unpossible though given the high caliber individuals the TSA hires for their character and high degree of professionalism.

The pilot didn’t escape this mess either though.

Trivett was not seriously injured. El, of Brooklyn’s East New York, was
given a desk-appearance ticket on harassment and misdemeanor-assault

Let that be a lesson to just let TSA agents do whatever the hell they want.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 306: Lateisha El

Because when you work for the TSA, professionalism takes on a whole new meaning.

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A manager at the Transportation Security Administration has lost his job after being arrested on prostitution-related charges. According to court documents, the agency had received a complaint of “very similar” activities back in 2009.

(Emphasis mine.)  So much for their “holding employees to the higher professional and ethical standards.”  The TSA’s statement on the matter:

“TSA cooperated fully with law enforcement during their investigation into this matter. The allegations against this individual are unacceptable and in no way reflect the integrity and professionalism of the more than 50,000 security officers who strive every day to ensure the security of the traveling public.”

Guess they were really just upset he got caught second time because it seems the first time would be enough to swing the axe.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 297: Bryant Jermaine Livingston

Because it’s only a problem after you get caught multiple times, we just say that stuff about integrity, ethics, and professionalism to make people feel good.

SSCC #295 & #296-TSA

Miami Beach police say two Transportation Security Administration officers partied a little too hard Tuesday night, trashed their South Beach hotel room and then picked up a semi-automatic handgun and shot six rounds out the window.

Look at this, we have a story that obviously must be fake given the total amount of unpossible required given the arguments of the anti-rights cultists about our “anointed betters”.  Thankfully no one was injured because it could have just as easily gone the other way with the reckless behavior.

One bullet pierced a $1,500 hurricane impact resistant window at a nearby Barneys New York, penetrated a wall and tore into some jeans in the closed store’s stockroom, according to store manager Adelchi Mancusi.

Thankfully it was late and the store was closed.  Even then though it’s also a good thing that no one was working late.   As expected the TSA is reviewing the situation to take “appropriate action”.

“TSA holds its employees to the highest professional and ethical standards,” Allen wrote. “We will review the facts and take appropriate action as necessary.”

They will most likely be promoted to management as soon as their charges are plead down to the point to be insignificant.  We can’t have our anointed TSA brown shirts looking bad even if they’re not on duty.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 295: Jeffrey Piccolella

296: Nicholas Anthony Puccio

Because our fearless overlords can by no means do something grossly negligent like throwing all 4 of the basic rules of firearms handling to the wind.  When it happens they will review the facts, as they like to see them, and take appropriate action as necessary, pay them more and tell them to be more abusive.

SSCC #294 – TSA

Yet another pedophile found amongst the TSA employee pool, separate from this incident prior to the count.

A former employee of the U.S. Transportation Security Administration has
been sentenced to nearly three and a half years in prison for
possessing child pornography.

Just recently the TSA was in the count with a screener feeling a young boy in a wheel chair due to an injury was the biggest threat to society.  In that I included another incident than previously mentioned.

Still think the TSA is a bunch a good people and not a bunch of goons snatching up power to abuse the people?

State Sponsored Criminal Count 294: Andrew Cheever


Because becoming a TSA agent means that your abuse of children is really for the greater good right?


Oh the TSA, how do I hate thee, let me count the ways.

Parent can’t comfort the kid while the agent molests him?  Oh and lifting up the kids shirt, really!?  We all know that this is all just a theater.  Don’t believe me?  Well we can load up Joe’s backpack with explosives completely covering it in residue and it comes back clear.  Remember, that’s what they’re searching for, residue that you’ve been handling explosives.  So what did molesting that poor kid do for anyone?  It allowed a child molester to get his rocks off.

Now there will be those of you who say that I’m over reacting and that there aren’t pedophiles in the ranks of the TSA.  To which I will remind our gentile reader of this and  this.  Now that you are reminded of that, may I also remind you they want to stop you on the road and when visiting your local malls.  This man had a choice and he chose to molest a child. 

I am finding it much harder to control my rage and will to not wish death or harm upon people who work for the TSA.  Their behavior just keeps showing me more and more that they truthfully aren’t human and are the equivalent of the American Gestapo.  These animals would not hesitate if their superiors gave the order to load us into box cars to be sent to the camps.  I also am fairly sure they would turn the gas on in the shower rooms if given the order too.

As a reminder, it has happened here and it just as easily could happen again with more severe consequences the second time around.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 285: TSA Agent John Doe


Because the best job for a pedophile in the world is the one where he is given free reign to touch a child however he wants while making his parent stand behind the yellow line.