SSCC #570: San Diego County

San Diego County and a sheriff’s detective might be liable for using excessive force and conspiring against a deputy’s ex-girlfriend with a “SWAT-like” raid of her home, the 9th Circuit ruled Tuesday.

The federal appeals panel in Pasadena, Calif., revived Michelle Cameron’s excessive force and conspiracy claims against San Diego County and Sheriff’s Detective Michelle Craig.

Why would the officer do such a thing?  To intimidate his ex to gain an advantage in the ongoing custody dispute.

State Sponsored Criminal #570: Michelle Craig

Because when you’re a cop in a custody dispute, use physical force and hide behind the law while doing so to intimidate your ex-spouse.

SSCC #569: Minneapolis

A Minneapolis police SWAT team leader was convicted Saturday of assaulting a man while off-duty at a bar.

An Anoka County District Court jury decided that Sgt. David Clifford was not acting in self-defense when he punched Brian Vander Lee, 44, on June 16 at Tanners Station in Andover. Jurors found Clifford, 48, guilty of first-, third- and fifth-degree assault.

Hey at least he stood trial.  Though there has been no word about his job status after this incident.  He kept his job after the charges were filed, no word if the conviction changes that status.

State Sponsored Criminal #569: David Clifford

Because when you get drunk in a bar and kick someone’s ass, by all means you should keep your job even though you broke the law in doing so.

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SSCC #567-#568: Irving

CBS-11 has learned two state troopers involved in a controversial roadside cavity search of two North Texas women have been indicted on criminal charges by a Dallas County Grand Jury.

CBS-11 has learned that one of the troopers, Kelley Helleson, who left the courthouse after testifying Friday, is charged with two counts of sexual assault and two counts of official oppression.

Oh but it gets better folks.

CBS-11 has learned the other trooper in the case, David Farrell, is charged with theft after one of the women said her prescription bottle of the painkiller hydrocodone was missing after the search.

They searched the women in public on the side of an exit ramp.  As an FYI, the officers didn’t find any drugs, further validating that they didn’t really have probable cause.  Nothing says I’m with law enforcement quite like violating someone’s rights under the incorrect misbelief that you just can.

State Sponsored Criminal #567: Kelly Helleson

#568: David Farrel

Because when you’re having a boring night, why not sexually assault two people on the side of the highway.  You’re just trying to fight the war on drugs right?

SSCC #566: Kern County

The victim reported that two deputies went to her home in the Tehachapi area at about 11:00 p.m., to investigate a burglary involving a man who was at her home. 

While speaking to deputies in her home she was handcuffed and led into a room by one of the deputies to be searched.  While being searched she was sexually assaulted by the deputy, according to reports.

Violated not once but twice.  First by the criminal who stole her property and then by the agent of the state sent there to investigate the crime.  This isn’t the first time something like this has happened either.

Not only that but he returned and assaulted her again.

State Sponsored Criminal #566: Gabriel Lopez

Because when a woman reports a crime you can just commit one against her yourself right?

SSCC #565: Bolivia

A small-town North Carolina cop raped a 13-year-old girl while on duty, and the town hired him without any psychological screening after he had raped an 11-year-old, the teenager claims in court.

Just go read.

State Sponsored Criminal #565: Jaymin Lenwood Murphy

Because… well I’ve got nothing on this one.

SSCC #561 – #563: Murray County

Former Murray County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Michael Henderson pleaded guilty in federal court today for his role in setting up for arrest a woman who had complained about sexual advances by a local judge, authorities said.

Let me make sure I understand this correctly.  A cop stuck his neck out to protect the behavior of a judge.  Either that judge had covered for the cop before or the cop was known to the judge to be of questionable character.  Except the inquiry answered this question too.

Her complaint sparked a state Judicial Qualification Commission investigation and led to Cochran’s resignation. The investigation also revealed that Cochran was illegally presigning warrants for officers to use.

This is yet another example of how the War on Nouns is used to further abuse and mistreat the law-abiding so they live in fear of those in government.  Next time maybe the woman should just sleep with the judge, then she wont be facing prison right?

State Sponsored Criminal #561: Michael Henderson

#562: Josh Greeson

#563: Bryant Cochran

Because when a judge does something wrong and stupid, the right thing to do is to help him cover it up by framing someone for a crime they didn’t commit.  That’s the law of professional courtesy don’t ya know?

SSCC #558-#560: NYPD

NYPD officers pepper-sprayed three little children, including 2-year- and 5-month old babies, because they thought the kids’ mom jumped a subway fare, the family claims in court.

Because in Bloomberg world that is reasonable.  No wonder Bloomberg doesn’t want anyone in his city armed, with officers behaving like that people might be liable to defend themselves from the criminals employed by the state.

State Sponsored Criminal #558: Maripily Clase

#559: Suranjit Dey

#560: Jermaine Hodge

Because when you out number someone and you think they may not have paid, pepper spray them and their children.  No need to use thought or a reasonable level of force, you’re a member of Bloomberg’s finest don’t you know!

SSCC Honorable Mention: Florida Highway Patrol

Roughly two weeks ago, Florida Highway Patrol trooper Charles Swindle was fired for “conduct unbecoming of a public employee” after he offered a state lawmaker, Rep. Charles McBurney (R-Jacksonville), a warning for doing 87 mph in a 70 mph zone. The incident reportedly occurred in November.

Swindle first checked with his sergeant and then told McBurney: “I’m cutting you a break.” The trooper cited the lawmaker for lacking proof of insurance — a $10 ticket opposed to a $280 fine for speeding.

Serious props to the representative for calling attention to it.  It does kind of bug me that the officer was fired over this incident, especially since much more serious incidents seem to walk right on by without a blink.  Don’t get me wrong, getting canned makes sense, it’s the fact that you have incidents like Officer Roid Rage who keep their job.

What is interesting though is why he would extend this type of gratuity toward a lawmaker.  Everyone is bound under the same laws.  That said, yes officers do have some discretion in issuing warnings or tickets.  In this case he seemed to be constantly giving lawmakers a free pass.  I don’t know if it was to garner support for the FHP or if it was an effort to remember names later if need ever arose.

Either way we’re all equal under the law and this officer didn’t feel that was the case.

State Sponsored Criminal Honorable Mention: Charles Swindle

Because by all means let the people who wrote the laws get away with breaking them.

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