Quote of the Day – Sean Parnell (11/11/2013)

“I’d learned that the strongest thing a leader can do once his men entrust power to him is to put it back into their hands.”

Sean Parnell – Outlaw Platoon: Heroes, Renegades, Infidels, and the Brotherhood of War in Afghanistan; Page 351

February 2013

[Presented without further comment.  It applies to many aspects.  I recommend reading their story, it’s a good one. -B]


Quote of the Day–Jefferson Giffeath (7/11/2013)

The government works in two modes: evil and incompetent.

Jefferson GriffeathFacebook Status

July 11th, 2013

[What else he said in that post also applies but that little bit of wisdom was just too pure to let slip by. –B]

Quote of the Day–Oleg Volk(01/01/2013)

Gun control pushers have even less shame than typical rapists. A repulsed rapist doesn’t start whining: “OK, so I can’t rape you now, but how about just dropping your pants? I won’t penetrate you now, but you can’t refuse a reasonable compromise! How about just an inch, no more than two, honest.” Taking away defenses and property of innocent people is a molestation and should be treated as such.

Oleg Volk : The ethics of gun control

December 30, 2012

[I have heard of no better analogy than the one Oleg gives there. –B]

Quote of the Day–A Girl and Her Gun(12/29/2012)

Those in power, the ones telling you that you are kinder and more gentle if your turn in your weapons, they are not going to take it. The President isn’t going to take it. He has armed security because he feels that his life is far more valuable than yours or mine. Of course, he should be protected by the the best of the best at tax payers expense. Again, in all fairness, if we are going to compare lives of worth, his does rank at the top. He is after all the leader of the Free World…well, semi-free world, well, America. We are free right?

A Girl and Her GunValue

December 28, 2012

[I am reminded of a lecture I listened to quite recently.  One that I will more than most likely give next year.

The Level reminds us that we are descended from the same stock and partake of the same nature, yet no eminence of station should make us forget that we are brethren and that he who is places on the lowest spoke of fortune’s wheel may be entitle to our regard; because the time will come, and the wisest knows not how soon, when all distinctions but that of goodness shall cease, and death, the grand leveler of Human greatness reduces us to the same state.

One cannot argue that their life is worthy of armed defense while arguing to disarm others of the tools to do so.  In that hypocrisy one shows they do not actually view their fellow man as equals, but rather slaves. –B]

Quote of the Day–Munchkin Wrangler(12/12/2012)

Prohibition causes huge profit margins for dealers cause turf wars cause violence causes public concern causes calls to “do something” cause gun control. If you’re for prohibition, you are for gun control. That’s irrespective of the substance to be prohibited.

Munchkin Wranglerdo you hate a plant more than you love your rights?

December 11th, 2012

[Go read the whole post, it is seriously worth the time.  I wish more people would understand the interrelationships of personal liberties. Found vi Oleg. –B]

Quote of the Day–Caleb Giddings(12/11/2012)

Mr Coates has a luxury that we don’t; the luxury of anger. He can afford to get mad at people in traffic, to confront people in the grocery check-out line, and those little moments of anger that we all have on any given day. I can’t afford them. It’s not because there’s a monster in me waiting to shoot people. It’s because I’m worried about the monster inside everyone else, and I would like to go the rest of my life without ever drawing a gun in anger again. At the end of the day I don’t carry a gun because I’m hoping to shoot people any more than I wear my seat belt because I’m hoping to get in a car crash. I carry a gun in case someone decides that the contents of my wallet are more valuable to them than my life is; and I wear my seatbelt in case someone decides that the text message from their friend is more important than looking at the road while doing 90 on the freeway.

Caleb Giddings – The luxury of anger

December 11th, 2012

[It’s amazing how many people don’t seem to be able to comprehend the above.  I remember one time while carrying someone trying to provoke something and just ignoring it.  Insults were thrown and I merely chugged on.  If verbal abuse is what that guy needed to feel better about himself, well I ultimately feel sorry for him and those around him.  I however ultimately didn’t care because honestly throughout my life I’ve learned to not give a crap about what some stranger thinks of me.  He may think I’m a coward and he can think all he wants.

But here’s a random thought?  Who’s the real problem?  The man who ignores verbal insults and attempts to deescalate the situation, or the guy who commits assault along with other petty crimes?  I carry a gun for the same reason as Caleb.  While some in this world may consider it their goal in life to provoke physical altercations and go looking for trouble, there is a great many of us who walk through our lives with only one request and one goal, “Leave me the hell alone.” Many of us will go through great lengths to just be left alone, including trying to deescalate, go the other direction, etc.

I don’t know how to describe it, but carrying a firearm causes a great sense of responsibility to well from within.  So much so I don’t care about petty issues.  I know my monster and I know how to control him.  When I strap on the firearm, the chains become tighter.  Not because I’m afraid of him getting out, but because at that point the times when he can act become considerably more limited and reserved.  Ultimately many issues that I might have otherwise been angry or upset about just result in me not caring because in the grand scheme it doesn’t matter. –B]

Quote of the Day–Joe Huffman(11/23/2012)

The problem is one of information. You, a fully functional adult, know more than anyone else about your situation and what is best for you. You know a lot more about your family than people not in your family. You know more about how to do your job than people that don’t do you job. You know more about your community than people outside your community. And you know a lot more about your situation than does the mayor of your city, the governor of your state, and the president of the country. Central planning fails because the people with the most information about the situation are not making the decisions.

Joe HuffmanQuote of the day – tdiinva

November 21, 2012

[QFMFT.  Seriously, that sentence above is something that many people do not understand or realize.  Why they lack the comprehension to understand it I don’t know.  The only person that can make the best decisions for you and your family is yourself.  You are the only one with all the information to make an effective decision.

This is why I really don’t like other people making decisions for me, it’s never really done with my best interests at hand. –B]

Quote of the Day – Ambulance Driver (11/20/2012)

But as a son, no matter how far you have ventured into manhood yourself, you are never prepared to tell your father goodbye. I know this for a fact.

Ambulance DriverBob Scruggs
September 10th, 2012

[QFMFT.  I remember that day like it was yesterday.  I remember taking a couple midterms just after finding out about it.

It wasn’t really surprising to either my mom or I, cancer’s a bitch like that you know.  A friend of mine actually came up to the UW the day before to give me a ride home so I could say goodbye since it was obviously coming.  I said my goodbye’s though a part of me wishes I hadn’t because that is the image burned into my head, not as I saw him when I left back to UW that Sunday night.  That Sunday night was when he said his final goodbye to me.

I still wasn’t ready for it though.  Nothing ever really makes you ready for it.  I remember the Calculus test I took shortly after my mom told me over the phone.  I don’t however remember what I got on it.  I do remember the TA and professor looking at me like I was nuts.  My dad would have kicked my ass for using it as an excuse and I knew it.

Luckily the next week was Thanksgiving break, my roommate and I played a couple of rounds of Command and Conquer Generals as well as Ghost Recon trying to keep my mind off of it.

Come to think of it, I think that’s also when we recreated part of the battle of Gettysburg on the ceiling of our dorm room.

You thought I was kidding didn’t you?  Sadly I can’t find the rest of the pictures I took.

The wife was in the Cougar marching band and Apple Cup was at UW that year.  I drove back up early Saturday morning and worked on homework and played games.

I don’t remember who won, I do remember walking back across campus to the dorm with her after the game and someone said something derogatory about her, it was then I knew I was in the second stage of grief.  While wearing a UW sweatshirt I replied, “Said like a true Hucking Fusky” and just  squared my shoulders back while looking at him.  They peeled off as some of his friends urged him and we continue across campus uninterrupted.

There’s no way I would have swung first, but I kind of wanted someone to try it.  I wanted someone to fill in for the nameless unseen mass that had upended my life.  I wanted something to direct my anger and rage at.

I never really denied it, for the most part I just accepted it.  Just because I accepted it doesn’t mean I was happy about it.

While you can prepare for death as much as you would like, no matter what it just never seems to be enough.  Death however is a fact of life and boy does it suck. -B]