What the Brady Bunch and CSGV really are

Often the CSGV and Brady Campaign claim that you should just give an attacker what he wants.  Nothing is worth taking someone else’s life over.  Well here’s the problem, what if all your attacker wants is your life?  Sadly this happened recently in Kansas City.

Bledsoe and the gunman “exchanged words,” police said. Bledsoe said something to the effect of, “You’re not going to shoot me,” police said, but then the gunman did just that.

Police said they don’t think Bledsoe resisted or challenged the gunman.

This man did exactly what the pacifists say he should do.  He offered no resistance, gave the criminals exactly what they wanted, and still ended up ventilated with lead for his troubles.  Unarmed this man was nothing but a cow being led to the slaughter.

He did exactly what the Criminal Occupational Hazard Reduction Organizations recommend and has been placed in a box to go six feet under.  These people value the lives of criminals beyond your own.  If you want to have the support of the Brady Campaign, CSGV or any other Criminal Occupational Hazard Reduction Organization, you need to commit crimes of violence against the innocent and law abiding. 

These groups support legislation and laws that would prevent the law abiding from obtaining one of the best means of self defense without due process of law.  Already innocent people are caught up by the no fly lists without legal recourse to correct the situation and now they want a specifically enumerated right to be limited just the same.  Their bigotry towards women, minorities, and the law abiding knows no bounds.  Their actions and support shows without limit they believe that a criminals life is worth more than your own.  That is why they count criminals who were shot while committing crimes by their victims in self-defense and “victims of homicide”.

If you support the CSGV or the Brady Campaign, you are a supporter of the Criminal Occupational Hazard Reduction movement.  Their goals are to make sure that criminals have the advantage in their trade of work.  Their goals include the following:

  • Ensuring rapists are not ventilated while trying to arrive at work or forced into returning home without working for the day.
  • Ensuring burglars are not shot as they arrive on the job.
  • Ensuring that witness can be dealt with at the mercy of the operator to prevent a unnecessary lapse in job vacancy caused by the legal system.
  • Ensuring that armed robbers are the only ones armed to making dealing with those witnesses easier.

The goals of the CSGV and Brady Campaign are simple, ensure that criminals can operate unhindered and violate women, minorities, and every other law abiding citizen in this country.  They are nothing more than Criminal Occupational Hazard Reduction Organizations.

H/T Patrick: Give Them What They Want, Even Your Life 

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