Quote of the Day – John Longenecker (05/16/2011)

Guns on campus may be a heated issue, but liberty purists can take the controversy out of the question when we remember that being armed in large numbers is just as shrewd as teaching CPR to everyone for the Café Coronary which can take a life faster and sooner than EMS can arrive. The entire purpose of an armed citizenry is how to resist violence in the absence of first responders, e.g. police. Not only do police have no duty to protect individuals from the criminal acts of others, but there simply aren’t enough officers anyway.

John Longenecker, Guns on Campus, Churches, Workplace, Bars and Restaurants

[This is what the anti-rights organizations refuse to see or understand.  They project their own feelings and behaviors on to what they would do if they owned a firearm and assume all owners are that way.  Believing that we are all hell bent on killing others ignoring the fact that we are trying to protect our selves and families.

The pacifist methods of the CSGV and Brady Campaign have proven pointless and a method to ensure one’s one demise.  Yet time and time again, armed citizens fight off their attackers and survive. This movement on their part towards self reliance ensures that they do not become a victim, yet the Brady Campaign gladly counts the criminal as a victim to inflate their statistics.  The Brady Campaign and CSGV has done more than any other group to increase violent crime overall.  They are ok with this outcome, because really they don’t care about crime, they just care about “gun crime".  The fact is though, the choice of tool doesn’t matter, the victim is still violated and I care about the victim, not the criminal.  -B]

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