SSCC #133 – Gordon PD

Officer Andy Hester evidently missed two very crucial pieces of education regarding the handling and use of weaponry.

Police Chief Mike Hall says officer Andy Hester was at the Front Porch restaurant last week when he held up his taser to activate it.

Hall says Hester removed the cartridge, and that’s when it accidently hit a restaurant employee’s arm.

First don’t play with it or handle it unless it is necessary.

Second, when dealing with a firearm, or firearm like weapon, keep your booger hook off the bang switch.

Had it been a civilian they would have been charged with assault, for that reason he goes on the count.  Accident or not.  While tasers are less lethal, they are still weapons and should be handled and treated as such.

In the words of Say Uncle, “Stop touching it!”

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 133 – Andy Hester

Because playing with weaponry in public where others can be injured is perfectly acceptable if you’re a cop.

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