You’re all equal under the law…

That holds true unless you know someone or are the child of someone special.  

St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department records clerk Joann Reed wanted a speeding ticket for the son of a deputy dismissed, but she didn’t go to a judge or jury in traffic court.

Instead, Reed faxed a copy of the Centreville Police Department’s ticket from the Sheriff’s Department’s fax machine to Centreville village attorney Carmen Durso, with a handwritten message: “Dismiss this case.”

Which some would just dismiss this since it was just a traffic citation, however the defendant had also failed to appear in court.  The whole point of our legal system is that anyone and everyone should and can be held accountable.  What isn’t right is that those who work within the system are manipulating it to prevent their friends from even being held accountable.

Unequal application of the law is one of the first signs of tyranny.  This is by no means the worst case of unequal application, but every little bit adds more salt into the wound.

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