SSCC #212 – Seabrook

A former Seabrook police sergeant was sentenced to 18 months’ probation yesterday after being found guilty by Newburyport District Court Judge Peter Doyle for drunken driving following a multi-car crash on North End Boulevard in Salisbury on July 31.

So a DUI and the cause of an accident.  I guess 18 months probation is reasonable right?

Mark F. Preston, 51, of 815 Lafayette Road, Seabrook, was also sentenced
to 18 months’ probation for leaving the scene of personal injury,
avoiding the potential of up to two years in jail. Those charged with
drunken driving for the first time are not often sent to jail.

Oh how nice, he fled the scene of the accident and then they added this final icing to the cake.

O’Connell said the leaving the scene of personal injury charge was
generally continued for 18 months, meaning that as long as he adheres to
the condition of his probation, the charge will be dismissed. A third
charge for marked lanes violation was dropped.

Oh how nice, as long as he obeys his probation the worst of the charges will be dismissed.  Oh wait, there’s more!

Days after his arrest, Preston resigned from the force, according to
Seabrook town officials. But Preston, through a union representative
from the New England Police Benevolent Society, disputed the town’s
claim that Preston resigned. Instead, Preston had informed the town he
was going to retire, thus protecting his pension fund and his
certification as a police officer, according to the union

I don’t know if he was successful in altering his resignation, but this whole incident stinks to high heaven with an innocent civilian caught in the middle.  Unsurprisingly he was a state rep for a while.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 212: Mark F. Preston

 Because when you’re a corrupt cop and a politician, a criminal record is a requirement.

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